Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Canvases; flowers, abstracts, Judaic, collectibles, a dog and a cat

Yes lots of flowers, and then a real mix of other designs and styles.  Some familiar and perhaps some less so.  Some good for doing different stitches and some just perfect for basket weave such as the magnolia by Dream House Ventures or Bird of Paradise by Needle Crossings both meticulously stitch painted.  All in stock, threads can be selected for each upon request.

Lotus $98.
To see more in stock canvases by Melissa Shirley go to this link.

Magnolia $82.00
To see more in stock canvases by Dream House go to this link.

Magnolia $105.

Datura Flower $112.
The artist for these new canvases by Sundance Designs is Diane O'leary.  Perfectly divided for doing different stitches to create depth and movement.  They can also be interpreted as stained glass designs choosing or blending threads to give sheen and iridescence.

Iris Fan $83.

Dog's Tooth $80.

Casa Grande $164.00
This is a great piece as a bolster pillow or table top piece.  Well defined for doing stitches.

Chai $124.
This canvas is so pretty in real life, it has an overall soft glittery quality to suggest the use of several metallics.
For other in stock Judaic canvases go to this link.

Patterned Butterfly cat $38.
One of several new patterned cats by Lee Needle Arts.

Flower Girl with Hearts $108.
Sweet piece for a young girl, reminds me of many of the earlier designs by Melissa.

Thunderbird $105.
HP Designs Abstract 78.00
For other HP canvases and boxes go to this link.

Needle Crossings Bird of Paradise $76.

Maggie and Co. Dachshund $46.
To see other in stock canvases by Maggie and Co. go to this link.

Faberge Egg $32.

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