Monday, February 18, 2013

Magnets useful pretty

Saw a post about where to find stitchie magnets on Facebook, so for those collectors here's few. Priced as marked, or use as reference for the ones without a price shown.  I also have many sandcastles which I forgot to take a picture of.  $2.00 shipping; buy 3 or more and receive free shipping.   Call or email and I can send invoice via paypal.

SOLD Cupcake, just one

Ladybug, just 1

sparkle strawberry, just 1

jeweled carrot, just 1

limited edition Nutcracker, several

Pink Heart, a few left

Snowflake, a few
Mustache, just 1 left

Black Sheep, several

SOLD Red sparkle heart, just 1 left
SOLD Puffin Co Heart, 12.00  just 1.  Also have the dragonfly by them.

For those who like the plain old plain super strong squares I have those too, often give these out for those who don't know the usefulness of a magnet.  I like them for my threader,  or a place to throw lots of needles when I'm on the go with a project.

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