Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Canvases; flowers, abstracts, Judaic, collectibles, a dog and a cat

Yes lots of flowers, and then a real mix of other designs and styles.  Some familiar and perhaps some less so.  Some good for doing different stitches and some just perfect for basket weave such as the magnolia by Dream House Ventures or Bird of Paradise by Needle Crossings both meticulously stitch painted.  All in stock, threads can be selected for each upon request.

Lotus $98.
To see more in stock canvases by Melissa Shirley go to this link.

Magnolia $82.00
To see more in stock canvases by Dream House go to this link.

Magnolia $105.

Datura Flower $112.
The artist for these new canvases by Sundance Designs is Diane O'leary.  Perfectly divided for doing different stitches to create depth and movement.  They can also be interpreted as stained glass designs choosing or blending threads to give sheen and iridescence.

Iris Fan $83.

Dog's Tooth $80.

Casa Grande $164.00
This is a great piece as a bolster pillow or table top piece.  Well defined for doing stitches.

Chai $124.
This canvas is so pretty in real life, it has an overall soft glittery quality to suggest the use of several metallics.
For other in stock Judaic canvases go to this link.

Patterned Butterfly cat $38.
One of several new patterned cats by Lee Needle Arts.

Flower Girl with Hearts $108.
Sweet piece for a young girl, reminds me of many of the earlier designs by Melissa.

Thunderbird $105.
HP Designs Abstract 78.00
For other HP canvases and boxes go to this link.

Needle Crossings Bird of Paradise $76.

Maggie and Co. Dachshund $46.
To see other in stock canvases by Maggie and Co. go to this link.

Faberge Egg $32.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Magnets

For those watching, more magnets and needle minders!  I was surprised stitchers do really like to have accessories.  $2.00 shipping each or select 3 and receive free shipping.  Call or email, I can send paypal invoice for those too busy to call.

Puffin Dragonfly $12

Spring Heart $11

Sand Castle new 2013 $11.

Sugar Skull $12, I don't like skulls but this one is so appealing, larger than most

Pink Poodle $10, last one

Candy Cane $12, last one

Lovely silver Bee $14, last one

Cute black cat $14.
Spider $14 last one, perfect for Halloween lovers

Monday, February 18, 2013

Magnets useful pretty

Saw a post about where to find stitchie magnets on Facebook, so for those collectors here's few. Priced as marked, or use as reference for the ones without a price shown.  I also have many sandcastles which I forgot to take a picture of.  $2.00 shipping; buy 3 or more and receive free shipping.   Call or email and I can send invoice via paypal.

SOLD Cupcake, just one

Ladybug, just 1

sparkle strawberry, just 1

jeweled carrot, just 1

limited edition Nutcracker, several

Pink Heart, a few left

Snowflake, a few
Mustache, just 1 left

Black Sheep, several

SOLD Red sparkle heart, just 1 left
SOLD Puffin Co Heart, 12.00  just 1.  Also have the dragonfly by them.

For those who like the plain old plain super strong squares I have those too, often give these out for those who don't know the usefulness of a magnet.  I like them for my threader,  or a place to throw lots of needles when I'm on the go with a project.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New ideas for Spring

Thinking ahead to color, here are two eye glass cases from Colors of Praise with threads too.  It occurred to me how nicely the Painter's Threads would be for these.  Painters perle has a soft touch like watercolours, a tighter twist more like a DMC perle and a finish somewhere in between the two.  Each kit is $88. Click on the caption to order.

Colors of Praise Funky Floral eyeglass case with threads

Colors of Praise Scroll eye glass case

Two beautiful Easter bunnies from Labors of Love.  Mark your calendars for Trunk show with them, though not until November.  I do have more canvases from them on order including their Romeo and Juliet.  There is space on each egg for a monogram if you like. Click on caption to purchase.

Labors of Love Bunny Rabbit with Blue Bow

Labors of Love Bunny Rabbit with Pink Bow

Gorgeous designs by Melissa Shirley, intended as cuff bracelets but would be pretty as bookmarks, or if expanded in width with a small bargello, stripe or checkerboard pattern.  Or how about a nice background stitch with your name or initials? Any of the above ideas could turn these into an eyeglass case.  Perfect for experimenting with silk ribbon and beads. Click on the caption for more info.


Pink Hibiscus 

Pink Camelia

Dark Pink Camelia

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Customer's Work

Everyone seems to like seeing others work so here's a few things that came in this week.  Topping it off is one of the Melissa Shirley Golden Cracker club members shared one of her crackers.  These crackers are finished around a hollow form so they can be filled like a true english cracker with treats or tokens and reused year after year.  Customer stitched the name tag, as she will for all in the series.  I think we would all like to sit down to Christmas dinner presented with on of these on our plate.
Melissa Shirley Christmas Cracker
You can purchase the crackers by clicking on the caption above.

Michelle Noiset Santa for CBK
Keep Calm by Unique NZ Designs

Go Fish Pillow, canvas by Melissa Shirley

Julie Mar Nasturtiums

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Things

Until you've seen the Season's by Labors of Love you can't imagine how pretty and captivating they are.  Here is Winter Bloom herself.  Following are other new canvases,  the store has been getting so much new in that its hard to keep track of.  I'll try to get most up for all to see this week and as time permits link to the webstore.  If there's something your interested in please call the shop or email.  Happy to put threads together too if you like.

SOLD Winter Bloom by Labors of Love $250. 9" x 13"

Melissa Shirley cuff $56.

SOLD Labors of Love Limgoges Heart $40. with threads $62.
click on title for more info or to purchase

SOLD William Morris sampler by Beth Russell. Canvas $79.
Note that the letters are not on the canvas but one must follow are chart for placement.  Its a beautiful quote yet is just the opening words to a poem written by William Morris sometime in the 1800's.  Its not a long poem but perhaps too long to post.  Its an optimistic poem about love.  Design area is about 8 x 12 on 18 count.

Claire Lloyd for Dream House Ventures Seahorse

Claire Lloyd for Dream House Ventures Purple Starfish

Being a Jersey Girl I didn't know that purple starfish really do exist.  Apparently they are native to the Northwest region of the US.
Sunflower Rising Dream House Ventures on 13 count