Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Part III

Melissa Shirley I Love You
Overall canvas 8 x 8, just the heart portion available as an ornament.

Maggie canvas with custom frame by Deux Bijoux Bijoux $260.
Not yet up for sale in the online store, but here and ready to ship.  Call if interested, threads available too.  Canvas is on 18 count, frame is lovely and compliments the colors perfectly with an irridescent wash.  Canvas size is about 9 x 12.  Thank you Lisa for doing such a great job!

Kelly Clark Heart Topiary
Never can you have too many ideas of what to do with a piece of stitched needlepoint.  As an example Kelly's topiary fits nicely on the well known boat tote.  Most finishers can sew your piece right on to a pre-made tote bag and apply trim if desired.  I think this one I would have applied as a pocket for slipping in keys or a phone.

SOLD Stitch - Its easy stitch on 12 count SOLD
A great piece to give to a young stitcher or someone you care about who just needs a very easy peasy piece.  Comes in a nice clear vinyl zipper pouch with handles.   Canvas $40, Kit $67.

Needle Minders and thread hoops $12.50 each

Needle Nanny, much larger than a minder  $18.

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