Monday, January 7, 2013

Orchids & Easy from Barbara Russell

Perhaps best known for her dogs there are several other niche subjects she is quite good at.  Two here are Orchids and Simple canvases, as she refers to as her Youth Collection.  I always remember someone telling me their are flower people and there are orchid people.  Flower people like all kinds of flowers and orchid people prefer just orchids.  Her youth collection, all on 12 count, offers nice pieces for beginners, particularly her white daisy and sunflower.  While the others are great to get young people stitching they also work well for mature beginners to give as gifts to children.  The two contemporary ones I put in as easy and interesting too.  All her canvases are 20% through January 19th.
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Singapore Orchid
Andes Orchid

Orchid EGC on 13 count
Orchid Pin
Often thought how lovely to do this with beads and silk ribbons.

Youth Swan

Youth Butterfly

Youth Sunflower

Youth Penguin

Youth Daisy

Youth Pig
Winnie-the-Pooh can reorder

Youth Unicorn can reorder
Juan Miro-esque Sun Eater
Fits perfect in the Lee nylon tote or iPad cover.

Geometric - De Stijl style
A nice piece as a primer for different stitches.

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