Sunday, January 27, 2013

Especially Nice

Many new HP boxes arrived this week as well as a few very cool frames from Lisa Krause of Deux Bijoux Bijoux.  First up is a new floral by Sandra Gilmore appropriately titled Pretty.  And when I look at it there's no other word that comes to mind. Now linked to the store is the Heart canvas by Maggie, very special in my mind.  And while it might not mean much to many those who love Moravian Stars will appreciate this new design by Barbara Russell attractively paired with a silver leaf box by HP.  The Moravian star is also available in 13 count and has slightly brighter blue background.
Click on a title for more information.  Sizes with the boxes represent the opening size and not the size of the overall box.
Sandra Gilmore Once in a Blue Moon Pretty

Heart by Maggie with Frame by Deux Bijoux Bijoux

Windy by Maggie and frame by Deux Bijoux Bijoux

Moravian Star by Barbara Russell, Silver Leaf box by HP Designs
Moravian stars are most commonly known to those who live in areas settled by the Germans.  I've had a few customers who grew up in the Pennsylvania Dutch area and be so surprised to see a needlepoint Moravian Star.  Moravian stars are frequently seen in nativity's representing the star of Bethlehem.

Maple Burl Box by HP Designs

6 x 6 Cinnabar Box and canvas by HP Designs

Copper Leaf Box by HP Designs 5" x 5"

Kimono canvas by Lee 6 x 6 Silver Leaf Box by HP Designs

Walnut Burl Box by HP Designs 6' x6"

Red lacquer Tulipwood 6 x 6, back in stock. Canvas by Leigh

Last but not least!! 
I have added a SALE category to the webstore, click here to see.  I will add more on an ongoing basis.

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