Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ANG Seminar 2015

I just read that ANG national seminar scheduled for September 2015 will coincide with the holiest of Jewish Holidays Yom Kippur.  While I am not Jewish I certainly could not remain in business if it weren't for Jewish customers.  They encouraged and supported me early on as new shop owner and have grown to make up a significant part of my customer base.  While I understand one can always find a conflict with one interest or another I wish that events would not coincide with times of religious observance.  Some say well at least its not Labor Day and to that I say Labor Day is all inclusive.  I doubt an event like this would be scheduled during Christmas or Easter week.  While I understand efforts are being made to locate local temples or synagogs I should think the Jewish will want to be at home with their family and loved ones, its not like finding a dry cleaner when your out of town.  Since this is my blog to share my thoughts I just didn't want this to go unacknowledged on my part.  
Prior to owning a shop I knew very little about the Jewish faith.  I have come to learn so much about their faith and rituals through what they often choose to stitch.  Kippah, tallit bags, atarahs, challah covers, mezuzah's, dreidels, seder pillows, siddur covers, afikomen bags, teffilin bags, ketubah frames are all items that can be needlepointed (or stitched via counted thread or embroidery). Stitching is entwined in their religion and culture to sustain the National Pomegranate Guild whose mission is: 
... to pass needlework traditions to other generations of women and men through the sharing of knowledge and techniques needed to create handcrafted items intended for both Jewish ritual and cultural use. We strive to do this in an atmosphere of camaraderie with others and our joy in being Jewish.


  1. Well said! I think this is a terrible blunder. Families always celebrate the High Holy Days together!

  2. I agree. But it has been a problem for multiple years. ANG has to schedule the Seminar during late August-early September to take advantage of cheap rates is my understanding, so they are always bumping up against the holiday. I consider it very unfortunate.

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  4. there has to be some other time of the year they can find affordable hotel rates - as a mom, seminar is a luxury I can't justify until the kids go to college because it is constantly scheduled at the start of the school year. I can't believe the only affordable time is late August/early September. I for one would be willing to pay a little more to even be able to go! Are all the other weeks of the year completely unaffordable? I doubt it.

    1. Actually Jan and Feb are also less expensive travel times as people are hunkered down after the holidays.

  5. Those who observe the holiday would never attend a retreat/seminar during the holiday so finding local synagogues is not an issue. We spend many hours in synagogue during these very holy/solemn days. There is no excuse for this other than a lack of consideration for the views of a minority religious group in this country.


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