Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Customer's Work

Take a Stand, by Maggie and stitched by Dena.  Lisa Krause did an absolutely fantastic frame to make Dena's piece really sing out.  Yes a few extra rows of background, for now the canvas is just place in the frame.  It never hurts to have a piece that makes one smile.

Take a Stand by Maggie and Co. frame by Lisa Krause

Go Fish by Melissa Shirley
 A case when I wish metallics would photograph, Helen added just a touch of metallics to the fish to keep it from being just ho hum.  Handsome plaid fabric, soon to be a pillow and a gift for a gentleman's study.
Owl canvas by DC Designs
Can you say color?  Marie loves color and here she decided to make this one a sampler teaching herself different stitches.  A flawless job when all that came before this was basket weave.
Ladies with Pink Bird by Ruth Schmuff

A challenging piece to say the least.  Katherine had so much fun with this one and I can't wait to see how it comes back as a pillow.  Great fur and the purple skirt looks so 70's.  So we begin and end this post with a few women with positive attitudes.

Lee Needlearts box and monogram
Dianne enjoys making these Monograms by Lee as gifts for friends and family.  This one is for her aunt who turns 90.  If you use your stash its a nice personalized gift for under $60.

Painted Pony modified Musical Angel
I say modified as Miriam stitched over the musical notes and staff and made a lovely red gown instead! One of many Painted Pony angels recently stitched; stay tuned for pics of others due back from the Finisher any day now.

Dump Truck by Alice Peterson
 Her Grandson has a thing for trucks so Elaine was delighted to know Alice Peterson had a dump truck canvas, perfect for his 3rd birthday.  Impeccably stitched in Silk n Ivory.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Especially Nice

Many new HP boxes arrived this week as well as a few very cool frames from Lisa Krause of Deux Bijoux Bijoux.  First up is a new floral by Sandra Gilmore appropriately titled Pretty.  And when I look at it there's no other word that comes to mind. Now linked to the store is the Heart canvas by Maggie, very special in my mind.  And while it might not mean much to many those who love Moravian Stars will appreciate this new design by Barbara Russell attractively paired with a silver leaf box by HP.  The Moravian star is also available in 13 count and has slightly brighter blue background.
Click on a title for more information.  Sizes with the boxes represent the opening size and not the size of the overall box.
Sandra Gilmore Once in a Blue Moon Pretty

Heart by Maggie with Frame by Deux Bijoux Bijoux

Windy by Maggie and frame by Deux Bijoux Bijoux

Moravian Star by Barbara Russell, Silver Leaf box by HP Designs
Moravian stars are most commonly known to those who live in areas settled by the Germans.  I've had a few customers who grew up in the Pennsylvania Dutch area and be so surprised to see a needlepoint Moravian Star.  Moravian stars are frequently seen in nativity's representing the star of Bethlehem.

Maple Burl Box by HP Designs

6 x 6 Cinnabar Box and canvas by HP Designs

Copper Leaf Box by HP Designs 5" x 5"

Kimono canvas by Lee 6 x 6 Silver Leaf Box by HP Designs

Walnut Burl Box by HP Designs 6' x6"

Red lacquer Tulipwood 6 x 6, back in stock. Canvas by Leigh

Last but not least!! 
I have added a SALE category to the webstore, click here to see.  I will add more on an ongoing basis.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Part III

Melissa Shirley I Love You
Overall canvas 8 x 8, just the heart portion available as an ornament.

Maggie canvas with custom frame by Deux Bijoux Bijoux $260.
Not yet up for sale in the online store, but here and ready to ship.  Call if interested, threads available too.  Canvas is on 18 count, frame is lovely and compliments the colors perfectly with an irridescent wash.  Canvas size is about 9 x 12.  Thank you Lisa for doing such a great job!

Kelly Clark Heart Topiary
Never can you have too many ideas of what to do with a piece of stitched needlepoint.  As an example Kelly's topiary fits nicely on the well known boat tote.  Most finishers can sew your piece right on to a pre-made tote bag and apply trim if desired.  I think this one I would have applied as a pocket for slipping in keys or a phone.

SOLD Stitch - Its easy stitch on 12 count SOLD
A great piece to give to a young stitcher or someone you care about who just needs a very easy peasy piece.  Comes in a nice clear vinyl zipper pouch with handles.   Canvas $40, Kit $67.

Needle Minders and thread hoops $12.50 each

Needle Nanny, much larger than a minder  $18.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine canvases

For those you really just adore doing painted canvases here's a few with a Valentine feel.  Click on the underlined title for more information.  All of the below are in stock and ready to ship. (As is all items in the webstore!)

Cooper Oaks quilted heart on 13
A riot of color!
SOLD Melissa Shirley folk Heart SOLD

Heart shaped pillow of Melissa Shirley's Folk Heart

Sandra Gilmore Lovely

If your interested in the box let me know.  I believe there was a counted heart project published in the last year in Needle pointers that suggested this box for finishing.  As with the cooper oaks heart a piece would be finished as an ornament, slightly puffy on the top, flat on the back and then applied.
Cooper Oaks bride and groom heart

Sandra Gilmore Sealed with a Kiss
Eye Candy Hugs and Kisses

Julie Mar All Things Grow $110. SOLD
A very sweet and very true statement, perfect to hang in a kitchen or make into a pillow.  Aside from Valentines Day it would be a lovely Mother's Day gift too.  $110. overall design 8" x 10" on 18 count. (Design is available on 13 count)

SOLD Je T' Aime 2013 design by Melissa Shirley $122. 
 Painted on 18 count, overall design is 8" x 8".  For those who don't know speak french it means
 "I Love You".

Lee Needlearts Ladybug with Heart/s $22.
One of many little 3-D ladybugs by Lee Needlearts.  Once finished they can be used as paperweight.  The face and back (where split and unpainted) become pinched together for finishing so they become rounded on top, but remain flat on the bottom.  $22. about 4" in diameter on 18 count.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Counted Valentine Stitching

Not everyone does exclusively hand painted canvases, right?  Other than the fun little pendant by Barbara Elmore the other pieces below are all counted. Some suggest linen, 18 count mono and yes 40 count silk gauze too.  If you'd like to purchase any of the below please email or call as they aren't up in the online store.......yet.

Ute Senkel Weinberg / Caron Collection
35 different charts, on 18 count each heart is just under 2"x 2".  Great for bookmarks, or stitched on narrow linen banding.  When first released all the hearts were shown stitched in the same thread, Caron Pomegranate Waterlillies and was so elegant.  Now they are shown stitched in a multitude of threads  and colors.  Hearts can be stitched in your thread of choice on your fabric or canvas of choice. Chart price $20.00
Erica Michaels, shown on silk gauze
Valentine's Day Chart by Erica Michaels $8.00.  If stitched on 40 silk gauze overall design is approximately 1" x 2".  About half the size of the picture. I have silk gauze available!

SOLD Heart Pendant by Barbara Elmore SOLD
Painted on 18 count mono, all inclusive Pendant kit for $42.00.  (green needed for the leaves).  Includes beads by Sundance and I understand this is thee last kit available!  (The silver hearts are no longer available ?)  The pendant is just under an inch wide and about an 1.25" h.  Everything is beaded except the snippet of DMC memory thread is couched for the vine and the leaves can be satin stitched in your choice of thread.

Jeanette Douglas Hoot Series
There is a whole series of these cross stitch owls, but this one is owl love you forever.  Chart and thread kit $20.00 Threads include a variety of solid and overdyed silk flosses.  Also included are button eyes and a few beads.  Overall size on 32 count linen is 4" x 4".

Freda's Fancy Stitching Variations on a Rhodes
Freda's Fancy Stitching More Rhodes to Follow
Both of these are 140 stitches square., each chart $9.00.  Charted for perle cotton and Gloriana silk floss but could easily be substituted in your favorite colors.  Freda is a designer from Calgary.  The Rhodes stitch translates nicely into a heart shape!

Cindy's Valentine Designs Hardanger Heart SOLD
Its nice to see Hardanger done in color.  On 32 count linen the design is 5" x 5" and suggests silk threads by Rainbow Gallery and Thread Gatherer.  Perfect for a box top or small ring pillow. Chart $10.00

Love is Blind, chart by Moira Blackburn

Cross stitch chart with a quote by Helena from Shakespeare's Mid Summer Nights Dream.  On 32 count linen the design is roughly 8" x 10".  Chart $8.00, from Moira Blackburn,  England.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ANG Seminar 2015

I just read that ANG national seminar scheduled for September 2015 will coincide with the holiest of Jewish Holidays Yom Kippur.  While I am not Jewish I certainly could not remain in business if it weren't for Jewish customers.  They encouraged and supported me early on as new shop owner and have grown to make up a significant part of my customer base.  While I understand one can always find a conflict with one interest or another I wish that events would not coincide with times of religious observance.  Some say well at least its not Labor Day and to that I say Labor Day is all inclusive.  I doubt an event like this would be scheduled during Christmas or Easter week.  While I understand efforts are being made to locate local temples or synagogs I should think the Jewish will want to be at home with their family and loved ones, its not like finding a dry cleaner when your out of town.  Since this is my blog to share my thoughts I just didn't want this to go unacknowledged on my part.  
Prior to owning a shop I knew very little about the Jewish faith.  I have come to learn so much about their faith and rituals through what they often choose to stitch.  Kippah, tallit bags, atarahs, challah covers, mezuzah's, dreidels, seder pillows, siddur covers, afikomen bags, teffilin bags, ketubah frames are all items that can be needlepointed (or stitched via counted thread or embroidery). Stitching is entwined in their religion and culture to sustain the National Pomegranate Guild whose mission is: 
... to pass needlework traditions to other generations of women and men through the sharing of knowledge and techniques needed to create handcrafted items intended for both Jewish ritual and cultural use. We strive to do this in an atmosphere of camaraderie with others and our joy in being Jewish.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Orchids & Easy from Barbara Russell

Perhaps best known for her dogs there are several other niche subjects she is quite good at.  Two here are Orchids and Simple canvases, as she refers to as her Youth Collection.  I always remember someone telling me their are flower people and there are orchid people.  Flower people like all kinds of flowers and orchid people prefer just orchids.  Her youth collection, all on 12 count, offers nice pieces for beginners, particularly her white daisy and sunflower.  While the others are great to get young people stitching they also work well for mature beginners to give as gifts to children.  The two contemporary ones I put in as easy and interesting too.  All her canvases are 20% through January 19th.
Click on the link for more info.
Singapore Orchid
Andes Orchid

Orchid EGC on 13 count
Orchid Pin
Often thought how lovely to do this with beads and silk ribbons.

Youth Swan

Youth Butterfly

Youth Sunflower

Youth Penguin

Youth Daisy

Youth Pig
Winnie-the-Pooh can reorder

Youth Unicorn can reorder
Juan Miro-esque Sun Eater
Fits perfect in the Lee nylon tote or iPad cover.

Geometric - De Stijl style
A nice piece as a primer for different stitches.