Sunday, December 23, 2012

Belts, handsome belts

Three belts for Christmas gifts this year.  Nice to see the different leather options too.  Ok, so you notice the belt at the bottom (with the initials) has a little more leather at the buckle.  Thats how the finisher accomodates for the husky fit.  Just adding to the billet end would result in an unbalanced look.  Yes, this belt has a shiny gold camel on the course; no it wasn't part of the design but added because of an inside family joke.  How I love customers with a sense of humor! I don't know if you can zoom in or not, the belt in the center has the finishing or binding stitch while the others do not.  Ok, so its a nice segue way into many of the belts now 20% in the Barbara Russell trunk show.  

Customers belts
Incase you were wondering finishing for these belts was $130. / a piece.

Customers belts

Philadelphia Boat House Row


Yellow Lab


Springer Spaniel

King Charles





Philadelphia Zoo, nations first zoo!


Barbara has 27 belt designs, these are just ones included in the canvases she sent.  If there's another belt your interested in from her collection it would also be offered at 20% off.  Its likely I can get it in about two days since Barbara keeps excellent inventory and is just about 20 minutes away from the shop.

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