Friday, November 9, 2012

Reflections, Doubles and or Couples

Some of my favorite Harper designs are how he dealt with reflections.  To bring more exposure to his work I've included other canvas's that feature doubles and couples. Click on caption for sizes etc.

Canvas Plain and Fancy $104.
Octobermania $104.

Loonscape $100.

Lady bug Lovers $80.

Puffins Passing $72.00
Caribbean Cruisers $88

Love on a Limb $128.

Romance Richter $104

Clair de Loon $108, much nice in person, lighting for pic is poor


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    2. Thanks Jane. What an interesting post you had from a woman commenting on beginners. I keep mulling this over in my mind trying to get my head around where needlepoint was and where it is today and the best, or better ways to bring newbies into the art. Assuming they want it to be an art or do they just want it to be mindless and a distraction from everyday life. They both have a place with one not more important than the other. And then there's the question of do they know what they are looking to gain from learning? Teach someone to basketweave and they could be in heaven or on the other hand have trouble staying focused from boredom (like me). Many more questions than answers.


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