Sunday, November 25, 2012

Customers Gallery

Some recent finished projects that have come from a few different finishers, and three are from faithful distant customers who have been kind enough to send me images of their finished work. You'll see examples of skilled needleworkers and others by customers who get pleasure and joy from stitching despite arthritic hands and failing vision.  Girls (and boys) many of us still have years of stitching ahead.....atleast 3 of the finished pieces were completed by those in the 80's.  I'm so happy they find pride in what they do.

Canvas by SharonG

Canvas by Melissa Shirley

Canvas from kit, designer unknown.  Inspiration by Cluny tapestries.

Santa by Julie Mar

Cluny Squirrel by Kate Molineaux

Counted canvas, St. Margaret's square by Carol Lake and Michael Boren
Canvas by Brenda Stofft
Painted Pony Halloween Angel
Queen of Hearts by Painted Pony

Santa by Dupree, Susan Roberts

Bather by Dega, Kit by Glorifilia

Canvas by Rishfeld, design now retired.

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