Sunday, November 25, 2012

Customers Gallery

Some recent finished projects that have come from a few different finishers, and three are from faithful distant customers who have been kind enough to send me images of their finished work. You'll see examples of skilled needleworkers and others by customers who get pleasure and joy from stitching despite arthritic hands and failing vision.  Girls (and boys) many of us still have years of stitching ahead.....atleast 3 of the finished pieces were completed by those in the 80's.  I'm so happy they find pride in what they do.

Canvas by SharonG

Canvas by Melissa Shirley

Canvas from kit, designer unknown.  Inspiration by Cluny tapestries.

Santa by Julie Mar

Cluny Squirrel by Kate Molineaux

Counted canvas, St. Margaret's square by Carol Lake and Michael Boren
Canvas by Brenda Stofft
Painted Pony Halloween Angel
Queen of Hearts by Painted Pony

Santa by Dupree, Susan Roberts

Bather by Dega, Kit by Glorifilia

Canvas by Rishfeld, design now retired.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Namaste for Stitchers too

I say for Stitchers too as Namaste began with products for knitters. Eventually they found that we (with threaded needles) like hip accessories too.  The Namaste line make nice gift ideas too.  I usually cringe at the holidays when someone comes in looking for a gift idea and they try to find the perfect project.  I try oh so gently to suggest to them items other than projects.  Unless the shopper has been given an explicit list, often stitchers don't want projects ~ lord knows we have plenty of them lined up either in our minds or our closets, drawers and under the couch.  But gadgets, doo dads and tools?  Yeah I'll try that.  Most of these items were featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Needlepoint Now under Whats New Whats Hot.

Better Buddy Black

click on any Buddy case for more info
Notions Case Green there are more color choices
These are made from recycled feed bags by women living in a Coastal village in Turkey who otherwise have little means to earn a living.  Except for threads and zippers all other materials used consist of non-used waste materials.  Learn more by going to:
Notions case Red there are other color choices

Oh Snap Charcoal

Click on any Oh Snap pic for more info

Click on any Skinny Mini case for more info

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Needles 101

Good read on a stitchers review of tapestry needles.  Bohin's are my favorite, I would carry them exclusively but some prefer other brands so I like to accomodate everyone.  I was so nervous that this stitcher would conclude that Bohin's were inferior!  Read and find out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Morning Has Broken" by Catherine Theron

I received this email through my EGA chapter.  Terrific opportunity for those interested.  Catherine is a kind and patient teacher, not to mention highly skilled,  having taken a class with her a few years back through the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild.  Have I finished that bargello needlebook yet.......of course not; but its on the list.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Painted Pony Angels

Busy time here with the Ewe and Eye Trunk Show ~ and ~ the long awaited Charley Harper (booked 2 1/2 years ago).  But it doesn't stop here, yesterday a few more Painted Pony Angels flew in.  It will be awhile yet before I get them posted for sale in the store; if you "need" one contact me directly.  NYC is $60., Rose Angel is $56 and the others are $58.

Sold, can re-order