Sunday, October 7, 2012

SharonG's Stitching Ornament & Squares

Yesterday's class with Sharon was much fun and the first of many of her Needlepointer's ornaments are well underway.  A nice thing that came from the class are other color combinations and shapes.  Sharon brought along some extras and here they are available to all.  Click on the caption and there will be more info and ability to order.  If you want the thread and bead kit too please indicate, cost for the thread and bead kit is $50.
SharonG Stitchers Ornament Pink and Green

SharonG Stitchers Square Pink and Green

SharonG Stitchers Ornament w/Goblets Pink and Green
SharonG Stitchers Ornament Blue and Red

SharonG Stitchers Ornament for PreOrder


  1. Hi Karen,
    Heard that there was a black/silver/copper one too, do you have a picture? I'd like to order that one too.

  2. Hi Palma, yes it is very pretty. Ms. Denise snatched it up. Sharon took a pic so she has a record of it. I'll let Sharon know. In a black box or pillow it would be elegant. We so missed you on Sat. Maybe you can come over and play on Nov 17th for canvas embellishment with Sharon?

  3. Denise, pictures? No, don't worry about stitching it first but maybe a nice picture of it with the threads too? What does a decent Italian American eat on Columbus Day?

  4. can you order it for me? I do want to stitch it and place it in a box, I think it will be charming. My daughter's apartment is all black/grey/white and she loves sewing so I could not ask for more. Sorry about Saturday Karen, worked most of the weekend, Friday night until 1 am and I was so tired I didn't think I could drive. Thought, thought and considered doing the remianing of the work on Sunday but I truly needed Sunday to sleep. What I failed to do was to explain to my dogs I needed sleep so yesterday at 7 am the "howling chorus line" was at its best and they got me out of bed. But I did tsake a nap in the afternoon as I had to start the fireplace because, of course, my heat went caput and I was freezing. That's when you really like your pets sleeping at your feet

    Let me look at my timeline for November. We expected to be busy in october but not that busy, everything is happening at once, closing a study, starting a new one and a file with the FDA and tons of questions and plotting graphs; graphs that refuse to obey (that was my struggle Friday night) and the horizon doesn't look good. I know I have to cancel a class with Julia Snyder in November because I won't be here - let the travel begin - but will doble check the dates.

    I hope neither you or Sharon were upset and understood the situation.

    As for Columbus Day eating my guess would be: pasta? :)

  5. Hello Palma, Sharon will be painting the stitchers square in the Metallica color way. (I made up that color name). Maybe in about 6 weeks? Plenty of time for you stitching extraordinaire to finish for the holidays.


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