Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Watercolours October '12

New Watercolour Colors!  Watercolours are often used in charted pieces to give a base from which to pull a palette and the more shaded ones work nicely for charted and painted canvases.  I refer to it as a comfort food thread.  Lots of colors to find several you love and its so easy to stitch with even for those who don't like to ply.  Comfort food goes down easy, feels soft like a worn sweatshirt, no laying tool, minimal twisting no fraying a nice choice for when you just want a no fuss easy thread to work with.  Don't like too much variation in a thread?  If working with more than one strand just flip one and your results will be more heathered.  Watercolours is a nice mate to Hyla's High Cotton too.

From left to right they are: Linen 312, Tuscan Mist 301, Ticking 303, Dense Fog 209, Belgian Stone 300, Mount Everest 302,  Lettuce 293, Mint Julep 311, Cypress 304, Old Brick 306, Trail Mix 298, Goldenrod 297, Parrot 310, Black Iris 294, Stained Glass 296, Calypso 307 and 308 Italian Ice.

A customer of mine selected this canvas last month as part of the Leigh Trunk Show.  Being a strictly basketweave stitcher I was concerned when I thought the shaded background would be splotchy or lost all together.  I encouraged her to try the skip stitch and she came back with a "light" version of a skip stitch.  I think its perfect.  Not only was she pleased too, but I think she was delighted at how fast it stitched up.   She stitched this in a basketweave direction and not side to side like continental.  

Leigh Designs

A skipped skip stitch allows shading to come through but offers an overall non-directional texture.


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