Sunday, October 14, 2012

Needlepoint with a History

Below is a piece by Hope Hanley based on a Mantel Cloth from the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian.  The two pieces, similar but not identical are sold as a pair for $98.  They are 5" w x 6" high.  I think they would make a lovely purse finished with black silk velvet bottom.  

Hope Hanley Smithsonian mantle cloth reproduction

Hope Hanley sideB Smithsonian mantle cloth

Below are several canvases by Phillipa Turnbull of the Crewel Work Co.  They are taken from a tapestry at the Traquair House; Scotlands longest inhabited house. 
"The Traquair House needlepoint canvases are an exact replica from the original panels of 16th Century slips in Traquair House.  The designs are replicated by special permission from The Laird of Traquair.  Each stitch is separately hand painted."  Click on the title for more information or to purchase.
Daffodil, Rose and Tulip Traquair House

Leopard, Strawberries and Cockatoo
Dog, Cornflowers and Dodo Bird

 Griffin, Pomegranate and Swooping Bird

Marigolds Traquair House Tapestry

Mallow Traquair House Tapestry

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