Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Specials

Seemed appropos to offer Keep Calm and Stitch On during this storm, as no doubt thats what many of us have and will continue to do until Sandy passes over.  And Melissa Shirley's Boat Buddies is just a happy piece, who can afford not to be happy?  May all of you out there remain safe and sound in the comfort of your home.

Thank you Andrea and Cindy, specials have sold out.  Happy to take orders for either should someone just have to have one or the other.

Hurricane Special $50 thru 10/31 Both SOLD.

Hurricane Special was $160, now $120.00 SOLD

PS Ewe and Eye & Friends

I forgot to mention there's about 70 other Ewe and Eye canvases up for sale if you go to the online store.  All prices shown reflect the 20% off.  Need threads too?  Just ask and these will also be sold 20% off.

Theres still a room for Canvas Embellishment with SharonG on November 17th!  75. 00 for the day. BYOC or purchase one new at 20% off too.  Looking for a special one of Sharon's?  Ask and I'll be sure to have her bring it along.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ewe & Eye Trunk Show Part II

More canvases to peruse.  Many of these are fun and homey, click on the caption for further information on size etc. ( Earlier posting on this Trunk Show now has those  canvases linked to the webstore also.)  Thus far its been a great trunk show and the canvases really do sell themselves.  Most if not all the Karen Cruden snowmen and holiday ones are gone so if your looking for these let me know and I'll order them for you at the trunk show price of 20% off retail.

Any thoughts of "well......... I love it but what would I do with it?"  Please hop over to Lisa Krause's site  She's the master mind behind so many creative frames for Ewe and Eye and Maggie canvases (exclusively).  Her frames are priced well typically between $100. - $200. making a unique and fun finishing touch on your work instead of another ho-hum frame.
A Tall Red House $84.80

Three Houses $89.60

Molly with Cat $84.80

Spring Daffodils $124.80

Black Willow Farm $76.80

 Ironing Day $134.40

Magpie with Embroidery Scissors $43.20
Bird in Hand $62.40

Tallulah $100.80

Needlepoint Gift $19.20
Heart Present $33.60

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here's Looking at You

Since the Holiday Party season is almost here I just couldn't wait to share with you one of newest canvases to come in the door "Party Cow" by british artist Emma Ball.  And then got me on to other canvases with eyes looking right at us.  I think they are staring us down to be sure we put down are needle and get out to vote in the upcoming election.  For more info click on the respective caption.
Party Cow $122.

Dandy Dinmont by Barbara Russell $168.
Beagle by Barbara Russell

Tree Frog by Colors of Praise $79.

Ringtail Lemur by Kate Molineaux $182.
Himalayan by Ruth Schmuff
Wolf by Barbara Russell $184.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ewe & Eye Trunk Show

Its here in all its Glory, so many canvases, all so inspiring,  many possibilities.  Please visit to see them all.  All canvases are 20%  ~and~ enjoy 20% off threads if purchased for the canvas at the same time.  I have featured canvases that were included as models, what a difference it makes to see them stitched creatively and finished into pillows.  Prices listed below include the discount.  More to come, in the mean time feel free to contact the shop. Show runs through November 19th, 2012.  These have now all been linked to the webstore, click on the caption.  Enjoy!

Kay K Floral 71.00 10 x 9 on 13 Stitch Guide available

Folk Rooster $81.60 8 x 8

In the Forest $78. on 13 5.5 x 11.5
Helen $123. on 13, 11 x 11 Stitch Guide available

Sunflowers and Apples  $110.40
Ice Skates $106. 10 x10

Candy Rush $112.  10.5 x 10.5 SOLD

Warm Greetings $112.  10 x 11 SOLD
Spring Daffodils $115. 12" x 9"
Yellow Tulips $125.  12 x 10.5
House with Ships $115. 12 x  9

Please note all other Ewe & Eye canvases that are featured in the online store are still at retail price however will be sold at 20% off.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whats new for Christmastime.

A sampling of some of the new canvases in for the holidays.  Melissa Shirley Christmas Cracker No 3, I still have one each of one and two.  Lots more ornaments available on my online store.   Everything you see for sale in the store are canvases that are in stock and ready to ship immediately.  Yes I know I could tease with even more of a selection but unlike other shops I only wish to promote what I have in hand.  Hope you all get time today on a Sunday to do one of our most favorite things S T I T C H : )

Info for: Snow Queen by Sandra Gilmore

Info for: Holly Stipe by Sandra Gilmore

Info for: Birds of a Feather green Xmas tree

Info for: Whimsical snowman with gifts on sleigh

Info for: Danji special Mom ornament

Info for: Russian Angel I

Info for: Wish Upon a Star

Info for: LV golf bag ornament

Info for: Painted Pony Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts by Miriam !

Info for: Melissa Shirley golden cracker

Info for: Sassy Snowflake Stocking with stitch guide

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Needlepoint with a History

Below is a piece by Hope Hanley based on a Mantel Cloth from the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian.  The two pieces, similar but not identical are sold as a pair for $98.  They are 5" w x 6" high.  I think they would make a lovely purse finished with black silk velvet bottom.  

Hope Hanley Smithsonian mantle cloth reproduction

Hope Hanley sideB Smithsonian mantle cloth

Below are several canvases by Phillipa Turnbull of the Crewel Work Co.  They are taken from a tapestry at the Traquair House; Scotlands longest inhabited house. 
"The Traquair House needlepoint canvases are an exact replica from the original panels of 16th Century slips in Traquair House.  The designs are replicated by special permission from The Laird of Traquair.  Each stitch is separately hand painted."  Click on the title for more information or to purchase.
Daffodil, Rose and Tulip Traquair House

Leopard, Strawberries and Cockatoo
Dog, Cornflowers and Dodo Bird

 Griffin, Pomegranate and Swooping Bird

Marigolds Traquair House Tapestry

Mallow Traquair House Tapestry