Saturday, September 8, 2012

Customer show and tell

Ornament canvases can make up into great stand-ups, and stand-ups make great gifts; no tree required.  The sides of these are pleated silk and most elegant.  Silver Needle (now owned by Colonial Needle) have these for so many cities, states and countries.  Next down the bird pillow is by Mary. The canvas is Toile Bird by Birds of a Feather and was offered as a shop class this summer.  Even though the canvas is only two colors there were 3 different cream colored threads used and two different blues.  We used cotton, silks, wool and and a silk and wool blend as part of the class to have stitchers experience different thread types in an otherwise simple canvas.  The bottom pillow is by Maggie and came out just great; too bad pictures don't show metallics well or you could see the subtle use of some sparkle in the flowers.  This canvas is typically on 18 count but Maggie will paint anything on larger count for a nominal up charge so here it is on 13 count.  Joanne changed the black cat to grey using alpaca and angora for the white to match her Gus. Maybe some of the flower colors were changed too?  can't recall.  Both pillows were spectacularly finished by Marlene's.

Silver Needle Interntional/State Ornaments

Birds of a Feather Toile Bird Pillow class piece


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