Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Working with Chenille

A helpful tip brought up during our weekend classes with Sharon G. is how to thread a needle when your going to work with Chenille.  Here we used silk chenille by Gloriana, a new fiber from them available in a dozen plus colors.  First carefully brush away the loose ply's that make chenille.....well chenille like.  You will see there are two threads that make up the core so to speak.  Instead of threading your needle, you rather want to tie your needle on using the two loose strands.  Makes alot of sense and I wonder if this technique is useful with other threads too?  Sharon has also shown us how to tie on your needle when stitching with very fine threads like bijoux or accentuate.  You know the ones that your neeedle often just wants to slip off of?  I always tie on silk ribbon so the needle never slides off and you can be more efficient with the ribbon this way too.  Ok, lesson time over below are 2 fresh summery canvases to help you imagine that ocean breeze.

Gloriana dark Elizabethan Green silk Chenille

tie on your needle rather than threading your needle
CBK Sea and Sun info

Info on Barbara Russell Nautilus Shell

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