Sunday, August 19, 2012

Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl

Exclusive to the Nimble Needle at Merchandise Night Aug 30th at the ANG Seminar, thanks to the fine folks at Access Commodities.  I have it now for those who can't wait or won't be attending Seminar.  Pearl Purl is couched down on canvas to created relief, execute or define curves; or maybe you have another idea such as hair or for an Adam Rhine piece?  Up close its like a spring or slinky so it can follow curves easily. The couching thread slips between the coils tight to the canvas and out of site.  One can think of it as a successful grown up version of Memory Thread.  The Heraldic Blue is so pretty that it's enough just to own it. They retail at $7.00 a yard and come in a hard acrylic case so they remain protected until that perfect application comes around.

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