Monday, August 13, 2012

Praising Color with Colors of Praise

Few designers / artists can scream with color like Marie Barber from Colors of Praise.  Her designs run the gamut but her bold use of color is consistent.  All of the below are currently linked to my online store for purchase with the exception of her belts.  I am selling the belt canvas and suggested wood buckle as a pair.  Each belt with buckle retails for $165.00.  Her belts are wide and extra long to be worn loosely around the hips (or as a strap).  Top one with the bright tangerines and pinks is painted on 13 count, the belt below with the deeper tones is painted on 18 count.  Finishing for these can be done with an ultrasuede like back or any material that drapes well.  All the designs with the exception of the one belt are painted on 13 count.

Colors of Praise lower case K

Colors of Praise Horse Sculpture

Colors of Praise Pink Flowers

Colors of Praise Hippo

Colors of Praise EG Case

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