Friday, August 17, 2012

Needle Pointers Ornament by SharonG

Its so exciting, all so quickly (seemingly) it came together for Sharon!  Yesterday it was just the beginning and voila! it is here.  By clicking on the top title beneath the picture you can pre-order her ornament canvas and extensive 18 page stitch guide.  To pre-order just the canvas click on the caption below the second picture.  I've yet to see anyone write a guide that compares to Sharon's.  I will have thread and bead kits available for $49.00 let me know if you'll want one too.   The piece will debut in Baltimore early September and Sharon will be teaching this as a class at the Nimble Needle on Saturday October 6th.  Sharon has many plans for this little gem, will be released as a small rectangle for Sudberry's tiny rectangular box, also to be painted as a square for a box top or pillow insert.  Not much for traditional holiday colors?  A pink and green version is in the works.  There are other needlepoint themed ornaments out there but none as elegant or sophisticated as this one.  Perfect chance to brush up on your beading skills too!

Needlepointer Ornament AND Stitch Guide

Needlepointer Ornament 


  1. Thank you Jane. Any possibility of coming up when Sharon is here? I'm not sure how far away you are other than several hours. Thanks for looking and acknowledging Sharon's ability to stitch beautifully.


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