Friday, August 10, 2012

More with SharonG

I love the unusual and am attracted to the more artistic so I can't resist canvases by Sharon G. I wonder what others think of when they think of Sharon's work?  When you think you've got her number you find another and wonder how come you didn't notice it before.  Below is a sampling of ones I received last week when Sharon came to teach.  The cork screws is as interesting as it gets, at the shop I have it paired with a merlot colored Gloriana Lorikeet as a possible background.  The wool will just help all the silks, metallics and cottons to shine if used to stitch the animals.  What you can't see here are the iridescent tones, coppers and golds.  Metallics just don't photograph which is a shame!  Which brings me her butterfly; this has a gorgeous copper background which I can envision a very light open stitch in a thin copper Kreinik or accentuate with the butterfly all done in beads.  The photograph here is overexposed to see the details but it is just so elegant in person.  No one glances at this piece, you just can't help but stare at it, the same as if it were real.
Animal Corkscrews SOLD

Sicilian Door
Vicky a Black Cat
SharonG small graphic/abstract

Butterfly on Copper

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