Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hydrangea's and Primrose

Hydrangea's are one of the most loved flowering shrubs in the Northeast.  I think its because they bloom in the summer when most flowering shrubs are finished, its the gorgeous shades of blues, violets and sometimes pink and almost white blooms.  Whenever customers return from Cape Cod and surrounding islands they are just mesmerized by the memories that come to mind to when they spot a hydrangea canvas.  Here are just a few and with one being from Jean Smith I attached her Primrose.  I think the yellow Felicity's Garden for the background of her hydrangea could make an interesting companion to her Yellow Primrose.  Click on the titles for more information.

Edie & Ginger Hydrangea Frog and thread kit

Edie Ginger baby hydrangea frog
Thread kit close up Hydrangea Frog by Edie & Ginger
Jean Smith Hydrangea and thread kit

Jean Smith Hydrangea

Jean Smith Yellow Primrose and thread kit

Jean Smith Yellow Primrose

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