Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finished for Christmas 2012, almost

These just came back and for this customer this was the 12th pear in the series for her and she now has the Partridge to place at the top of her "pear" tree.  Well done Nancy!  The camel was such a pleasure to see come back from my stitching fairies,  (one customers solution to buying more than she can stitch is to have someone else help her keep pace.)  This is from Rebecca Wood stitched with the stitch guide by Diana Bosworth.  Diana if your reading this it is lovely and it is so well balanced with your stitch selections simply enhancing the design.  Since I didn't have many of the threads called for most all the threads here are substitutions incase anyone wants to stitch this themselves.  Next step is to have it finished as a stand up, for this Christmas.  Lastly 5 ornaments for Kathy,  as usual superbly stitched.  Hearts are from Associated Talents, Santa's both Rebecca Wood (I think) and the Reindeer mitten from Painted Pony.  In terms of finishing here is an example of different levels of finishing though both very well executed.  The pear at the top is done by a finisher who excels at quality and knows how to embellish beautifully.  The 5 ornaments at the bottom were done by another finisher who is a fine basic finisher at an economical price.  (Economical meaning half that of the pear finisher.)  Its awkward at times as a shop owner to ask "how much are you willing to pay?"  but it goes along way in terms of customer expectations and final costs.
Kelly Clark Pear

Mary Lake Thompson Partridge

Rebecca Wood Camel with Red blanket

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