Saturday, August 25, 2012

A bit more show and tell

I was so pleased when my finisher returned the tooth fairy pillow below with a lovely heavy weight turquoise satin ribbon; the back has a full width pocket and custom embroidery from Grandmom above.  I took the picture on top a Sally Corey canvas, the colors all looked so nice together but it appears to be competing here with the pillow!  The penguin box, interesting fact both bellies were stitched with the same neon ray in opposite directions and what a difference they are from one another.  Below is Lavender Fields, a class to be offered this fall.  Odd colors (as per the guide)  but is still very attractive and reads well from a distance which is always a plus in my mind.  Below is Orna's Hamsa (one of favorite designers for charted work).  Lastly is a tray and canvas I just received. I thought it's good to show here because the penguins are mounted within one of their acrylic boxes.  The blurry thing in the lower right corner is a bag of small plastic screws required to attach the the bottom layer of the tray.  The tray is complete, then you sandwich your canvas below the bottom with another piece of acrylic below.  Pillow and Lavender Fields stitched by Carole, Penguins by Ruth, Hamsa by myself.  I do offer framing services too.
Patty Paints Woodland Fairy

Rebecca Wood Penguins Cooper Oaks box

Lavender Fields by Needle Delights
Hamsa by Orna Willis
Cooper Oaks latte canvas and tray

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