Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ANG Seminar 2012 Merchandise Night Sneak Peek

Looking forward to tomorrow night as I'm so pleased to be hosting trunk shows by three major designers in the industry.  SharonG, Leigh Designs and Julie Mar Designs.  With the later under new ownership for a few years now; Pat has transformed the line in step with current trends.  Sharon will have her stitched ornament  for all to see and of course pre-order too.  Included with Leigh will be Ashland Sky project bags.  These are work horse bags, at an economical price point so you can rid yourself of endless zip-loc bags.  Not to mention, are you ready.......they are made here in the USA.  There will also be so so so much more.  Upon request I will be bringing some counted work kits by Sweetheart Tree and some other counted thread charts, crewel kits by Crewel Work Co from UK, tools and oh yes Limited Edition bags of Gloriana 12 ply silks and ribbons at a fraction of retail prices.  Looking forward to meeting many new and old stitching friends so please stop by to say hello.
Pre-Order On Site!  and SEE model too

SharonG's Owl Trio

SharonG's Yellow Hibiscus

SharonG Fish Out of Water SG avail.


Leigh Wolfen on 13 count
Leigh's new Espana Series for 2012
Julie Mar Poinsettia ornament

Sally Corey's Vortex for Julie Mar

Julie Mar Far Hill Landscape

Limited edition sets of silk floss and silk ribbon by Gloriana

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A bit more show and tell

I was so pleased when my finisher returned the tooth fairy pillow below with a lovely heavy weight turquoise satin ribbon; the back has a full width pocket and custom embroidery from Grandmom above.  I took the picture on top a Sally Corey canvas, the colors all looked so nice together but it appears to be competing here with the pillow!  The penguin box, interesting fact both bellies were stitched with the same neon ray in opposite directions and what a difference they are from one another.  Below is Lavender Fields, a class to be offered this fall.  Odd colors (as per the guide)  but is still very attractive and reads well from a distance which is always a plus in my mind.  Below is Orna's Hamsa (one of favorite designers for charted work).  Lastly is a tray and canvas I just received. I thought it's good to show here because the penguins are mounted within one of their acrylic boxes.  The blurry thing in the lower right corner is a bag of small plastic screws required to attach the the bottom layer of the tray.  The tray is complete, then you sandwich your canvas below the bottom with another piece of acrylic below.  Pillow and Lavender Fields stitched by Carole, Penguins by Ruth, Hamsa by myself.  I do offer framing services too.
Patty Paints Woodland Fairy

Rebecca Wood Penguins Cooper Oaks box

Lavender Fields by Needle Delights
Hamsa by Orna Willis
Cooper Oaks latte canvas and tray

Friday, August 24, 2012

SharonG's needlepoint Ornament Class 10/6

Well if Sharon could handle 63 students I welcome everyone to join us on October 6th, Saturday, for an all day workshop with Sharon and her Needlepointers Ornament.  We talked about the idea of getting so many of us that we'd have to move across the street to the library or another venue larger than the shop.  Interested send me an email, or comment.  Once I have rough idea of how many I can better estimate costs since teaching fee per student could be reduced.   Material costs for the class including canvas, guide, threads and beads will be $95.00.  Deadline to register September September 18th.

can't come but want the canvas & here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finished for Christmas 2012, almost

These just came back and for this customer this was the 12th pear in the series for her and she now has the Partridge to place at the top of her "pear" tree.  Well done Nancy!  The camel was such a pleasure to see come back from my stitching fairies,  (one customers solution to buying more than she can stitch is to have someone else help her keep pace.)  This is from Rebecca Wood stitched with the stitch guide by Diana Bosworth.  Diana if your reading this it is lovely and it is so well balanced with your stitch selections simply enhancing the design.  Since I didn't have many of the threads called for most all the threads here are substitutions incase anyone wants to stitch this themselves.  Next step is to have it finished as a stand up, for this Christmas.  Lastly 5 ornaments for Kathy,  as usual superbly stitched.  Hearts are from Associated Talents, Santa's both Rebecca Wood (I think) and the Reindeer mitten from Painted Pony.  In terms of finishing here is an example of different levels of finishing though both very well executed.  The pear at the top is done by a finisher who excels at quality and knows how to embellish beautifully.  The 5 ornaments at the bottom were done by another finisher who is a fine basic finisher at an economical price.  (Economical meaning half that of the pear finisher.)  Its awkward at times as a shop owner to ask "how much are you willing to pay?"  but it goes along way in terms of customer expectations and final costs.
Kelly Clark Pear

Mary Lake Thompson Partridge

Rebecca Wood Camel with Red blanket

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl

Exclusive to the Nimble Needle at Merchandise Night Aug 30th at the ANG Seminar, thanks to the fine folks at Access Commodities.  I have it now for those who can't wait or won't be attending Seminar.  Pearl Purl is couched down on canvas to created relief, execute or define curves; or maybe you have another idea such as hair or for an Adam Rhine piece?  Up close its like a spring or slinky so it can follow curves easily. The couching thread slips between the coils tight to the canvas and out of site.  One can think of it as a successful grown up version of Memory Thread.  The Heraldic Blue is so pretty that it's enough just to own it. They retail at $7.00 a yard and come in a hard acrylic case so they remain protected until that perfect application comes around.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Needle Pointers Ornament by SharonG

Its so exciting, all so quickly (seemingly) it came together for Sharon!  Yesterday it was just the beginning and voila! it is here.  By clicking on the top title beneath the picture you can pre-order her ornament canvas and extensive 18 page stitch guide.  To pre-order just the canvas click on the caption below the second picture.  I've yet to see anyone write a guide that compares to Sharon's.  I will have thread and bead kits available for $49.00 let me know if you'll want one too.   The piece will debut in Baltimore early September and Sharon will be teaching this as a class at the Nimble Needle on Saturday October 6th.  Sharon has many plans for this little gem, will be released as a small rectangle for Sudberry's tiny rectangular box, also to be painted as a square for a box top or pillow insert.  Not much for traditional holiday colors?  A pink and green version is in the works.  There are other needlepoint themed ornaments out there but none as elegant or sophisticated as this one.  Perfect chance to brush up on your beading skills too!

Needlepointer Ornament AND Stitch Guide

Needlepointer Ornament 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hydrangea's and Primrose

Hydrangea's are one of the most loved flowering shrubs in the Northeast.  I think its because they bloom in the summer when most flowering shrubs are finished, its the gorgeous shades of blues, violets and sometimes pink and almost white blooms.  Whenever customers return from Cape Cod and surrounding islands they are just mesmerized by the memories that come to mind to when they spot a hydrangea canvas.  Here are just a few and with one being from Jean Smith I attached her Primrose.  I think the yellow Felicity's Garden for the background of her hydrangea could make an interesting companion to her Yellow Primrose.  Click on the titles for more information.

Edie & Ginger Hydrangea Frog and thread kit

Edie Ginger baby hydrangea frog
Thread kit close up Hydrangea Frog by Edie & Ginger
Jean Smith Hydrangea and thread kit

Jean Smith Hydrangea

Jean Smith Yellow Primrose and thread kit

Jean Smith Yellow Primrose

Monday, August 13, 2012

Praising Color with Colors of Praise

Few designers / artists can scream with color like Marie Barber from Colors of Praise.  Her designs run the gamut but her bold use of color is consistent.  All of the below are currently linked to my online store for purchase with the exception of her belts.  I am selling the belt canvas and suggested wood buckle as a pair.  Each belt with buckle retails for $165.00.  Her belts are wide and extra long to be worn loosely around the hips (or as a strap).  Top one with the bright tangerines and pinks is painted on 13 count, the belt below with the deeper tones is painted on 18 count.  Finishing for these can be done with an ultrasuede like back or any material that drapes well.  All the designs with the exception of the one belt are painted on 13 count.

Colors of Praise lower case K

Colors of Praise Horse Sculpture

Colors of Praise Pink Flowers

Colors of Praise Hippo

Colors of Praise EG Case

Friday, August 10, 2012

More with SharonG

I love the unusual and am attracted to the more artistic so I can't resist canvases by Sharon G. I wonder what others think of when they think of Sharon's work?  When you think you've got her number you find another and wonder how come you didn't notice it before.  Below is a sampling of ones I received last week when Sharon came to teach.  The cork screws is as interesting as it gets, at the shop I have it paired with a merlot colored Gloriana Lorikeet as a possible background.  The wool will just help all the silks, metallics and cottons to shine if used to stitch the animals.  What you can't see here are the iridescent tones, coppers and golds.  Metallics just don't photograph which is a shame!  Which brings me her butterfly; this has a gorgeous copper background which I can envision a very light open stitch in a thin copper Kreinik or accentuate with the butterfly all done in beads.  The photograph here is overexposed to see the details but it is just so elegant in person.  No one glances at this piece, you just can't help but stare at it, the same as if it were real.
Animal Corkscrews SOLD

Sicilian Door
Vicky a Black Cat
SharonG small graphic/abstract

Butterfly on Copper