Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leigh Designs

Little by little I'm able to get up more canvases from the brick and mortar shop into the web store (thanks to my daughters help).  These gems join the few others by Leigh like Miko and the Pagoda's already there.  Click on each name for details.  With all the new threads available Leigh's canvases can only get better.  Sparkles for the Carnivale pieces!  or the new soft gold and silvery Bijoux's for Blazer.  I used to like boucle for texture on the stone sculpture until I saw the Oriental Linen stitched up and thought maybe that's even better.  but I love the Threadworx overdyed metallics in this piece since the gold symbol is dominant and would want it to be special too.

Allegra Mask


Zapopan info

Blazer Equis

Twilight Bird info

Ch'ang An 

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