Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brick Covers

Brick Covers seem to come and go in favorability but there are some great designs for them.  Always loved the pond scape from Julie Mar Designs with so much detail.  Gayla Elliot's on 13 count with an uncomplicated design is an easier stitch and what could be more cute than a box shaped turtle?  I have two different thread kits selected, one that's primary similar to how its painted (nice for a childs room) and another that's more swampy (my preference).  For the classicist Barbara Russell has a timeless angel design; I think there are several interesting open stitches that could be done on the background with a little sparkle.  Lastly is the infamous sanderlings by Charlie Harper.  I can order this one again, it happened to sell hours after putting up in my internet store prior to my planned blog post for brick covers.  Remember Brick Covers work great as book ends.  A nice way to tame the clutter when friends are coming over.

Julie Mar Pondscape Brick info
Gayla Elliot Turlte Brick with Swamp colors

Gayla Elliot Turtle Brick
Barbara Russell Angel

Charlie Harper SOLD

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