Monday, July 30, 2012

From Seminar: Marriott in Philly, to Nimble Needle

For those attending Seminar here are some links to help you get to my shop. Travel time is about 28 minutes door to door and requires only 5 blocks of walking.  Four blocks from the Marriott to the High Speedline and one block from the Haddonfield Station to the shop. Its very easy.  Once at the Nimble Needle there is within easy walking distance a nice wool shop for knitters, Woolplay,  and a quilting shop The Little Shop too. As well as many restaurants and retail shops.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ikat Canvas by Sally Corey for Julie Mar Designs

Recently got in by Sally Corey for Julie Mar this ikat (ee kaht) inspired canvas.  Yes its done in a gray scale and most people want color.  For some the absense of color may be just right but for those who crave color its an opportunity to play.  If you google ikat you will see it's endless color combinations.  With this one from Sally I think she's made it fool proof by painting it in 5 shades from light to dark.  Pick 5 colors you love that are a balanced range from light to dark and I think you'll have a new favorite pillow.

a method of printing woven fabric by tie-dyeing the warpyarns (warp ikat),  the weft yarns (weft ikat),  or both(double ikat)  before weaving.

Friday, July 27, 2012

My favorite Santa's part I

Two new Santa's came in this week.  Top one by CBK Santa with Mug is 5 1/2 x 7" on 13 count for $70.00.  Bottom Santa in Sleigh 4" ornament by Rebecca Wood on 18 count for $48.00  (Contact me if your interested, not up yet in the online store.)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Needlepoint Stocking Cuffs

Want to have a special stocking for 2012?  There's still time to stitch up a cuff and have them finished with a lovely velvet or silk stocking.  Make the cuffs dazzle with metallics and silk ribbon.  Each priced at $35.  Click on the name for more information.  (These are for full size stockings.)

Decorations Holly Cuff

Decorations Ribbon Cuff

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday August 5th with SharonG

There's still room left for you to spend a day with SharonG for an all day Canvas Embellishment Class. Bring your own canvas, a problem canvas, a canvas you don't know where to begin with, let Sharon help you bring your  piece to life.  She's not fussy, it doesn't have to be one of hers!  Here are just a few canvases I have in the shop that I think can only be better with Sharon's keen eye and expert hand for stitches.  Click on a canvas title for more information.  Contact me if you can join us on August 5th from 10-4, $75.00 for the day.  Hope to see you then, you'll leave being that much better of a stitcher.
Danji  Designs Blue Cat by Laurel Burch

South American Girl with Flowers

Peter Ashe Still Life
Miss Daisy by Isabel's Needlepoint
SharonG Owl and the Pussy Cat
Lofts by SharonG

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Melissa Shirley Linda Carter Holman

A few Linda Carter Holmans now at reduced prices.  Click on title to see more details.  These are all on 13 count!

Yellow Tulips by Melissa Shirley

Home Style Cooking Linda Carter Holman

Young Girl with Calla Lillies Linda Carter Holman

July 22, 2012

Too busy busy these days to stay on top of my blog, my apologies, soooo much is happening in the shop. But to let you know I haven't forgotten about you here's two pillows that just came in to the shop all finished. Soft flanged corders pinned back is a nice way to make a small canvas a larger pillow, without it, well, being a large pillow. The Melissa Shirley Poppy, magnifique! The bottom two are by two students of mine that attended a June class where we did the Emma Louise Sampler by Rainbow Gallery. Both will become pillows and both Dottie and Linda were fine students and expanded their knowledge of threads and stitches.
Birds of Feather Toile Bird

Melissa Shirley Poppy

Emma Louise Sampler by Rainbow Gallery

Emma Louise Sampler by Rainbow Gallery

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leigh Designs

Little by little I'm able to get up more canvases from the brick and mortar shop into the web store (thanks to my daughters help).  These gems join the few others by Leigh like Miko and the Pagoda's already there.  Click on each name for details.  With all the new threads available Leigh's canvases can only get better.  Sparkles for the Carnivale pieces!  or the new soft gold and silvery Bijoux's for Blazer.  I used to like boucle for texture on the stone sculpture until I saw the Oriental Linen stitched up and thought maybe that's even better.  but I love the Threadworx overdyed metallics in this piece since the gold symbol is dominant and would want it to be special too.

Allegra Mask


Zapopan info

Blazer Equis

Twilight Bird info

Ch'ang An 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Christmas for July

Need a push start to stitch up a few ornmaents this year?  Buy one ornament at 10% off, or two or more for 20% off.  Don't know if I'll get around to posting them in the online store so if you see one you like call, email or facebook message me and I'll send you a paypal invoice and have it on its way.  Need a few fibers?  I can add those too.  Discounts apply to in store items only (lots more in the shop).  Will post more items before month is over.  Prices shown reflect 10% off retail.  
Melissa Shirley star cookie cane $37.80

Melissa Shirley striped cane $37.80

MLT Melissa Shirley Gingerbread Man $53.10

Amanda Lawford martini cane $37.80

Susan Roberts Penguin Reindeer $28.80

Julie Mar tree mini sock $40.50

Amanda Lawford Deer $35.10

Shelly Tribbey teapot skate $37.80

Ruth Schmuff SC snowman w/gifts $51.30

Shelly Tribbey Mary Christmas $52.20

MLT Melissa Shirley snowman $53.10
The Collection martini clubs $33.75

Danji Baby's 1st $34.20

Rebecca Wood 1st xmas $37.80

The Collection xmas clubs $33.75

DC Designs Nutty Squirrel $25.20

Painted Pony Evergreen Angel $50.40
Julie Mar Pink & Green Tree $35.10

Susan Roberts hot air balloon $62.10

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vases with SharonG July 14th

There's been a cancelation opening a spot for one lucky stitcher. On July 14th come join 7 others for an all day class taught by Sharon featuring her "Vases" piece. Class fee is 75.00, Canvas and material cost is 200.00 (15% discount offered for thread and bead kit). Design area is 9" x 12.5" and is a perfect opportunity to learn open stitching techniques, crouching and applying beads.