Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wedding Bells, is June still a big wedding month?

Little bit of a wedding theme.  Barbara Russell's dog doing her best to get to the Church on time.  Lovely new Ring Bearer Pillow from Point of it All Designs,  perfect gift to accompany money is the Wedding sock ornament; stitch in the "wedding colors" or classic christmas red and white.  Honeymooners going 'round the world?  Edie & Gingers frog sums it up.  New hip couple with tatoo's?  Ok, lets go back to traditional times with Aviva's Ketubah frame, designed initially for her son.  Lastly is a ring bearer pillow that I did the initial on (not in stock but can be ordered) and a very simple cross that  could be used as a ring bearer pillow, or a sampler to commemorate the day.
Barbara Russell Wedding Pup

Point of it All Ring Bearer
Wedding Mini Sock

Edie & Ginger Travel Frog
Love Tatoo

Aviva Ketubah Frame
Aviva Cross
Danji Ring Bearer

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