Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gardenia by Leigh

A customer has done several of these bold 10" square blooms by Leigh and we just had this Gardenia done as a special.   Keeping with the others I pulled Silk n Ivory with some Stardust and Snow for a little spark.  Metallics are so difficult to photograph without being right on top of them.  In the last picture the very whitest thread is 100% wool Blossoms from Gumnut.  Its so white compared to the white silk n ivory so I thought it might be nice just to have the contrast in texture but in the end we kept it to all Silk n Ivory.  (Short strands and Jeanne has no complaints with pilling).

Snow metallic

Stardust white, Silk n ivory & Gumnut Blossoms


  1. I absolutely love this canvas and threads but would have no idea what kind of stitches to use on this. Any ideas?

    Rebecca in IA

  2. Hi Rebecca, I'm fortunate that the customer who is working on a series of these flowers does basketweave. WIthout being specific about stitches if I was going to stitch it I would try to find larger stitches for the outer most petals with the attempt to bring them closer to the eye than the center of the flower. Because its on 13 count I wouldn't go for open stitches that would allow the shading to come through, I guess because I love open stitching or light stitches on 18 count but not so much on 13 or 14 count. The other Lee, Lee Needlearts, has several close up flowers on 12 count that are 8" x8" or so (maybe smaller) I stitched the rose trying to do different stitches. I don't know how effective I was though. The piece is out at the finishers (for the second time, I tried to do something simple but it looked awful). I'll post it on my blog. If I like the picture I have of just the stitched piece I do it soon, if not I may wait until the pillow comes back and then do a post. Thanks for looking at my blog and contributing.


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