Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gardenia by Leigh

A customer has done several of these bold 10" square blooms by Leigh and we just had this Gardenia done as a special.   Keeping with the others I pulled Silk n Ivory with some Stardust and Snow for a little spark.  Metallics are so difficult to photograph without being right on top of them.  In the last picture the very whitest thread is 100% wool Blossoms from Gumnut.  Its so white compared to the white silk n ivory so I thought it might be nice just to have the contrast in texture but in the end we kept it to all Silk n Ivory.  (Short strands and Jeanne has no complaints with pilling).

Snow metallic

Stardust white, Silk n ivory & Gumnut Blossoms

Friday, June 29, 2012

Faberge Eggs by Lee

Oldies but goodies.  Slow on the blogging these day as I'm helping my daughter to get inventory up on the internet for all to see (and buy!)  Click on the canvas title and will take you to the store with details and ability to purchase.  When Theresa Lee was still the owner she offered small gold stands for these.  I still have a few of these left.  Napkin rings, if you can find just the right one also work well as display stands.

Violet #456

Pink Floral on Gold #423

Green #488

Blue Egg #475

Cloissone Egg

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Stuff

A few new items!  more project organizers by Chic-a.  Tote for $39 .  Double Portfolio for  $28 and clear front zip pockets for $19. Tote and Portfolio have depth to hold more things.  New kit for Beatles fans from Kirk & Hamilton.  Latest colors in Brown Paper Packages Stardust just released in  Columbus.  Beryl on the right is so much prettier in real life, good for sky and sea.

Chica-a Accessory Totes

Abbey Road kit info

Abbey Road Kit info

Marmalade, Black, Bacchus and Beryl $5.25 each

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sparkle Delight

I just love Threadworx overdyed metallics because of the high shine and unusual colors.  Caron Snow is a very user friendly thread as it is very soft similar to some of the older Rainbow Gallery metallics like Nordic Gold and Gold Rush. Yes there's the white and a few other basics, but then there are the most odd colors that make me want to find something, anything to use them for.  For both Threadworx and Caron Snow these are just some of the colors available and by no means their entire line.  The shop does carry the entire line of Snow, and threadworx the collection continues to grow in both size 8 and 12.  Personally I like size 8 braid for 18 count tent stitching.  Oh costs!  Snow is average for metallics but the Threadworx you do pay extra for the additional labor involved in dyeing.
Threadworx Overdyed Metallics 8 & 12

Threadworx Overdyed Metallics 8 & 12

Threadworx Overdyed Metallics 8 & 12

Threadworx Overdyed Metallics 8 & 12

Caron Collection Snow

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY berries

Miriam walks in today to show me her progress on Autumn Bouquet and mentions she doesn't know where she's going to find blue and yellow felted balls for the berries suggested in the stitch guide .  So I said hey lets just make them! With just wee tuft of fluffy roving, lots of soap, a little water and some muscle anyone can make felted balls. (Not knowing how I could ever use them I've made lots of felted balls after brushing my long hair cats.  Who knew it was the technique that would come in handy!)  So once we rinse and squeezed dried the berries I stitched on the top a tiny cross stitch with a single strand of splendor; leaving two tails of thread on the bottom of the berry.  With a needle I sank the threads to the back and tied on the berry- ball.  Some we took sharp embroidery scissors and snipped a flat spot on the bottom to help the berry sit in place.  On a few when I couldn't get a snug tie off with the splendor (it would break) I took a needle and beading thread; came up to the front from the back, caught a bit of the berry and then went back through to the back. By really pulling on the thread I was able to tie it quite tight to the canvas.
Autumn Bouquet Melissa Shirley
wool roving

Our own felted berry balls
DIY felted balls from pet fur
The stitch guide for Autumn Bouquet by Melissa Shirley was written by Wendy Harwood from Aristeia.  Sadly just yesterday Wendy passed away after a long battle with cancer.  I never met Wendy but know she was a gifted stitcher to say the least.  Several of her guides area available for sale through Melissa Shirley.  Her family has much to be proud of for Wendy's unique gift of stitching that she shared with so many.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The top medallion canvas by Creative Needle has received lots of oohs and aahhs in the shop.  The design area is 8"dia on 18 count for $98.  Threads shown also available.  Below is a relatively new design "Bee" by Once in a Blue Moon, Sandra Gilmore.  The cost is $54, design area is 5" x 6" and the overall canvas is 13" sq. so can be made into a nice pillow insert or small pillow.  Yes, threads shown are available too.  The Sophia Fan is $46. and measures 10" x 6".  Lastly is a remarkable piece by Hope Hanley, click on the title for size and cost.  It would make a very elegant cushion for a small bench or foot stool.  As time permits I will get the other canvases and thread kits up for sale in the online store, in the meantime contact me if your interested! 

Creative Needle Medallion
Sandra Gilmore Bee

Sofia Fan Crane

Hope Hanley Phoenix

Monday, June 18, 2012

Birds from Labors of Love

This past winter a group of us stitched several of the clip on birds by Labors of Love.  The painted bunting was stitched by a customer and the Christmas bird I did myself.   Also stitched were several cardinals (sorry forgot to get pictures of this one) and the snow bird which should be back from the finisher any day as well as an owl and peacock.  They are beautiful and provided a challenge for those of us attempting to follow the stitch guides.  I think some of us will want to do a few more its just hard to decide which one next!
Painted Bunting

Christmas Bird

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wedding Bells, is June still a big wedding month?

Little bit of a wedding theme.  Barbara Russell's dog doing her best to get to the Church on time.  Lovely new Ring Bearer Pillow from Point of it All Designs,  perfect gift to accompany money is the Wedding sock ornament; stitch in the "wedding colors" or classic christmas red and white.  Honeymooners going 'round the world?  Edie & Gingers frog sums it up.  New hip couple with tatoo's?  Ok, lets go back to traditional times with Aviva's Ketubah frame, designed initially for her son.  Lastly is a ring bearer pillow that I did the initial on (not in stock but can be ordered) and a very simple cross that  could be used as a ring bearer pillow, or a sampler to commemorate the day.
Barbara Russell Wedding Pup

Point of it All Ring Bearer
Wedding Mini Sock

Edie & Ginger Travel Frog
Love Tatoo

Aviva Ketubah Frame
Aviva Cross
Danji Ring Bearer

Friday, June 8, 2012

Colorful Cats by maggie & co

Two fun to stitch (yes there are fall and winter too)  but these are so ripe with color.  Thread kits available too, any specific questions?  email or call, otherwise click on the caption below a picture and details will follow.

Spring Cat

Summer Cat

Spring Cat thread kit

Summer Cat thread kit

Monday, June 4, 2012

Girls Night Out

Just so happened a customer sent me a picture of her four Lee vogue Ladies framed and hung the same day another customer completed her four Ladies Who Lunch coasters from Labors of Love.  There are also matching men coasters from Labors of Love too.   Studs or Duds depending on your likes. 
Vogue women by Lee's Needlearts
Ladies Who Lunch 1 of 4