Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some Leigh Designs in stock

Some great canvases from Leigh - in stock. Including a great Stitch Guide by Jane of Chilly Hollow for the Pagoda scene: Temple of 1,000 Cranes.

Miko by Leigh is 8" x 4" on 18 count for $79.00.

The Temple of 1,00 Cranes is 11 " x 14" for 190.00. The Stich Guide by Jane is 25.00. And we can put together the thread kit for this if you wish. Its affordable as a good part is DMC floss. Contact us for details.

Sissy the Bather is 8" x 18" on 18 count, is 179.00. This is painted on black and white tweed Zweigart mono canvas for an interesting look.


  1. Thanks for the nice plug! There's a stitch guide for Miko, too, $5 wholesale from Leigh Designs or me, $10 for stitchers to buy either place. It's gorgeous, if I do say so myself!

  2. Hi Jane, you are so good and beat me to the punch line with having a stitch guide for Miko. I DO want it. I didn't know about it until looking around on your site for one good reason or another. I'll order it from Leigh as I need other items. Faces are a tough thing so having guide is always good. Have you also a guide for one of the other pagoda's? Look for more Leigh as I have so many more here in the shop that need to go up. During the ANG seminar I will be having a Leigh trunk show too. thanks for your comment.


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