Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shorebird Studio Birds

Its usually easy to select canvases to blog about even with trunk shows but not so with Kathryn Molineaux of Shorebird Studio. Perhaps because she's an artist in her own right that I find most everything she does special even if its not my taste. Here are a few bird details of hers, its a starting point. She has many 5" x 7" pieces on 18 count that work well for framing, pillows or box tops. Some stitchers have to have an idea ahead of time with what they will do with a piece. Are these the one's who finish a canvas I wonder? And then there's others who just enjoy stitching what appeals to them without thinking much beyond the enjoyment of working on a piece. So for those who feel they have to have an end in site I included a picture and link to nicely made burl boxes (crafted in the USA) that work very well with these bird portraits. Click on any of the images to land on the item in our web store.

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