Monday, February 13, 2012

Shorebird in Europe

So we left the habitat of her birds moving along to Europe. Two canvases from her Tuscan Series. There are four total, these are the two included in the trunk show. I see a very open stitch to let the shading of the stucco come through then the options are endless with the flowers and greenery. silk ribbon, boucle, beads, bullions or simple stitches will still result in a beautiful piece; as is usually the case when you start with an artist piece. The medieval horse done in silks and glimmering metallics. "Medieval Horse armor was called 'barding'. A Medieval Warhorse would have horse armor on the head, neck, body and chest. Medieval horse armor also protected the head and was often highly decorated. Spiked horns were added to the mask armor of the horse resembling the look of a legendary unicorn." The other is from the medieval Cluny Tapestries (often referred to as the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry). This guy is a handsome red squirrel appearing like his cheeks are full, I think his eyes looking right at you make the piece. This one begs to be stitched in wool, particularly natural dyed Renaissance crewel wool? Just because its also from France and two strands is just right on 18 count. As always, click on the image to jump to the canvas in our web store.

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