Friday, February 24, 2012

Know your Greens

Silk 'n Ivory has added four new greens to their line. They're the ones with the red stars on the labels and I have photographed them in between existing greens to give you a context of color. Starting on the left is #229 Putting Green sitting between grasshopper and leprechaun. Next is #230 Toad sitting between apple martini and tumbleweed. Third to the right is #231 Relish between guacamole and tumbleweed (again) and lastly is #232 Chutney laying between spinach and pesto. I never realized we needed more silk n ivory greens but these are not near duplicates like others in their line. OK, now many don't like silk 'n ivory because of pilling. I won't say it doesn't pill but to minimize this you might need to beef up your needle size so the thread can't rub against the canvas weave as much and more importantly use short strands. My regulars know if there's one thing that gets going its seeing them hide (because they know better) the fact that they stitch with long strands. Whats long? anything more than 14". I recently heard advice at the show that once you open up a skein of silk 'n ivory DO NOT cut each end of the skein because by doing so each of your stands is now too long to stitch with to yield good smooth unfuzzy stitches. Cut the skein in thirds. Be nice to your threads and they will be nice back.

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  1. Karen,
    That's a great tip about the thread length. I've avoided used S&I because of the pilling. And needle size....right! Good points! Wonder if the same can be said for Vineyard Silk. I sometimes have pilling with that as well. Hmm. Will watch.


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