Monday, February 27, 2012

Petei's Santa's and more

Since announcing her retirement I thought I should post the Petei's I have left in inventory. I know there are Petei santa collectors out there and stitchers that just like Santa's. How many knew that Petei also did scouts? Notice how they don't have any facial expression, allowing one to express how they felt about their scouting days..? No matter what though, the Brownie has to smile. For all those who can't quite remember that Brownie Smile ditty go to Scout Songs.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Know your Greens

Silk 'n Ivory has added four new greens to their line. They're the ones with the red stars on the labels and I have photographed them in between existing greens to give you a context of color. Starting on the left is #229 Putting Green sitting between grasshopper and leprechaun. Next is #230 Toad sitting between apple martini and tumbleweed. Third to the right is #231 Relish between guacamole and tumbleweed (again) and lastly is #232 Chutney laying between spinach and pesto. I never realized we needed more silk n ivory greens but these are not near duplicates like others in their line. OK, now many don't like silk 'n ivory because of pilling. I won't say it doesn't pill but to minimize this you might need to beef up your needle size so the thread can't rub against the canvas weave as much and more importantly use short strands. My regulars know if there's one thing that gets going its seeing them hide (because they know better) the fact that they stitch with long strands. Whats long? anything more than 14". I recently heard advice at the show that once you open up a skein of silk 'n ivory DO NOT cut each end of the skein because by doing so each of your stands is now too long to stitch with to yield good smooth unfuzzy stitches. Cut the skein in thirds. Be nice to your threads and they will be nice back.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Bigger the Better

I sell all kinds of magnifiers, most common are any type of clip on. Personally I still prefer "glasses". 3.0 used to be just right, then my eyes longed for something just a tad stronger and I found They have a nice selection of styles and are well priced around $20.00. But more importantly they have readers up to 6.00. I love my 4.00's and hope I'll never need anything stronger than a 6 while I can still hold a needle. Mine came with hard cases and arrived quickly. Speert High Power Reading Glasses.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unique canvases by Shorebird Studio

Looking for the more unusual? Below are some very creative pieces still available at 20% off. Her clutch bags are a beautiful combination of textures and definitely a usable size and appropriate for all year round use. The carp pillow, simple and striking without any frustrating shading and "economical" (do you ever see this word in relationship to needlepoint?) in the sense that you only need a few thread colors. And lastly the Cluny footstool, an heirloom. It is alot of canvas to stitch but look at it like stitching 5 different canvases without much boring background. These are just a few choices for those who say they have too many pillows and no wall space left. Click on any image to see more info on each canvas in the webstore.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Last call for 20% off all Shorebird Studio canvases. Her animals seem like they just want to tell you their story. To see her whole line visit Remember, click on any of these canvas images to land on them in the webstore.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shorebird Studio Trunk Show Discount

Thank you Jane for pointing out that I forgot to mention that YES all Kate Molineaux / shorebird studio canvases are 20% off. The 20% is extended to threads if purchased along with one of her canvases. Look for next post including more of her wild animals similar to the zebra. My DH who usually does my posting even commented on Kate's outstanding runners seen below. Folks, we're not talking cute when it comes to Kate but works from a true artist. Knowing I failed to mention all canvases are 20% off was enough to get me to do my very own blog post. (next time I'll have to learn how to include pictures).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trunk Show Table Runners

Katie has lots of large scale canvases for those not faint of heart. Thought I'd share some of her table runners but they could also be marvelous bench covers or spectacular framed over a long buffet. The peacock is one of my favorites so I also include here a much smaller version of the a head detail looking oh so handsome in a burl box.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Shorebird in Europe

So we left the habitat of her birds moving along to Europe. Two canvases from her Tuscan Series. There are four total, these are the two included in the trunk show. I see a very open stitch to let the shading of the stucco come through then the options are endless with the flowers and greenery. silk ribbon, boucle, beads, bullions or simple stitches will still result in a beautiful piece; as is usually the case when you start with an artist piece. The medieval horse done in silks and glimmering metallics. "Medieval Horse armor was called 'barding'. A Medieval Warhorse would have horse armor on the head, neck, body and chest. Medieval horse armor also protected the head and was often highly decorated. Spiked horns were added to the mask armor of the horse resembling the look of a legendary unicorn." The other is from the medieval Cluny Tapestries (often referred to as the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry). This guy is a handsome red squirrel appearing like his cheeks are full, I think his eyes looking right at you make the piece. This one begs to be stitched in wool, particularly natural dyed Renaissance crewel wool? Just because its also from France and two strands is just right on 18 count. As always, click on the image to jump to the canvas in our web store.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shorebird Studio Birds

Its usually easy to select canvases to blog about even with trunk shows but not so with Kathryn Molineaux of Shorebird Studio. Perhaps because she's an artist in her own right that I find most everything she does special even if its not my taste. Here are a few bird details of hers, its a starting point. She has many 5" x 7" pieces on 18 count that work well for framing, pillows or box tops. Some stitchers have to have an idea ahead of time with what they will do with a piece. Are these the one's who finish a canvas I wonder? And then there's others who just enjoy stitching what appeals to them without thinking much beyond the enjoyment of working on a piece. So for those who feel they have to have an end in site I included a picture and link to nicely made burl boxes (crafted in the USA) that work very well with these bird portraits. Click on any of the images to land on the item in our web store.

Monday, February 6, 2012

TNNA Phoenix 2012 Introductions from Barbara Russell

The cow detail and modernist octagons are new 2012 releases for Barbara, the squirrel is from 2011, and the Clarice......well Clarice women have been around and still keep on selling. Barbara's new 2012 releases are based from an exhibit "Philadelphia Modernism" held this past year at Philadelphia's Woodmere Art Museum. Works by Mary Hood and Agnes Hood Miller were featured and the two octagonal canvases are reproductions of ceramic trays made in the mid-century. The cow is a detail from a larger painting by one of the many art instructors the mother and daughter studied under. Springdale is the name of the home owned by the Hood family located outside of New Hope Pa and the farm was a place where much of their art was created. Barbara has several more canvases (think Chagall, Kandinsky) that are very painterly revolving around the careers by both women. For anyone wishing they lived in Paris in the 20's or 30's I think just hanging around Springdale would be enough to satisfy the eccentric. Hopefully soon enough Barbara will be putting up this collection on her website. Including individual canvases that are reproduction pieces from a needlepoint stair runner designed and stitched by Mary Hood that exemplifies life at Springdale. For more information see Mary G.L. Hood and Philadlephia Modernism or visit

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New from Phoenix 2012

I'm very excited to bring in the very colorful pieces from Colors of Praise. They are so well priced too. I couldn't resist comparing them with photographs of like flowers. Colors of Praise has a well balanced line of designs and are well known for their fantastic signature belts. I got one in to stitch for myself, they are difficult to photograph but hip and colorful, maybe I'll show you it once I get it going that is if it doesn't sell first. They are worn low on the hips and come in either a 39" length or a 47" length, so a size for just about everyone. With so many patterns its nearly impossible to pick one over all the others.

White Hibiscus 8" x 8" on 13 count $74.00

Peacock 8 1/4" x 10 1/4" on 13 count $79.00

Parrot Tulips 8" x 10" on 13 count $88.00

Lillian Chermor canvases

My understanding is that Lillian Chermor has retired so if you've been wavering on purchasing any of her canvases I have available I think now is the time. Unlike so many other hundreds of canvases out there, I don't think there is any mistaken for being one of Lillian's.

Search for Lillian Chermor in the Advanced Search to bring up all her canvases in the store.