Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recently Finished!

I'd like to share some customer's work just back from finishing:

Mod Heart Collage by Eye Candy Framed by Cindy's husband, lucky girl she is!

Red Bag, Bag by Stirling Canvas by Mindy. Finishing by Trish.

Noel Bunny, Canvas by Kathryn Molineaux of Shorebird Studio.  Pillow by Marlene's Custom Pillows.

All canvases and threads for all 3 projects were purchased here at the Nimble Needle - thank you to my loyal customers! We are proud of your work!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Before and After

I actually finished something. Here is a quick and elegant project made from Sundance Beads, Frosty Rays and cotton floss. What a great way to spend a couple of hours with others chatting and even getting something accomplished too. See what you begin with? Learn how to cover a wood bead with glass beads, make a tassel and a twisted cord too.

Phoenix 2012

Back from the TNNA Winter Market which was, as usual, an overwhelming over stimulating experience. I come away with enough ideas to last several years hoping to have time to implement a few before the next show. Things I remember which by no means were "show hi-lights" or the "best things" I saw but things I remember and thought worth sharing. Gloriana is now dyeing with a ribbon comparable to that of River Silk, thank you Anne Frazier. Sundance Designs (who introduced sequins last year) came out with what I think they are calling Sparkles; anyway its this material for needlepoint like nothing else marketing. Its about 1/2 inch in diameter and is transparent though with the sparkle and sheen some colors appear almost opaque. If left as is talk about dimension! Barbara Elmore used it for Robot Arms, pig tails, and festoons above drapery. You can pull it tight, you can iron it flat. If your not familiar with Barbara Elmore I find her to be one of the most creative stitchers out there. I think she left the "box" a really long time ago. Julie Mar has new designers including canvases that are very painterly like a Soutine and a floral one that is creative but without all the shading. Barbara Russell has new canvases that resonate of Pennsylvania history. One of my challenges attending market is remembering I have lots of basketweave customers. The amount of decorate creative stitching abounds but finding good looking canvases that are easy to stitch in basketweave and look beautiful when completed is entirely different than looking at a nothing design that requires thought and skill to turn it into something that is truly remarkable. Conversely taking a real work of art (like a Leigh or Tapestry Tent) and making it even better and a challenge for the stitcher that basketweave could only diminish if not ruin it. Its all about knowing your customers and educating those who are ready. Since I have no eye candy of "new stuff" here are pictures of the pieces I took for classes (click the images to see larger versions).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Canvas New Vineyard

Storm Flowers by Lois Caron has to be one of the most interesting palette of colors. Cleaning up yesterday I saw the Oriental Silk by TG and thought wow how perfect to consider for the border of Storm Flowers and so it went. Also shown (and will put together the thread kit for sale) Silk lame, Silk by Dream House ventures in an eye bouncing green) Felicity's Garden, Gloriana Hydrangea silk, and lastly a beautiful shade of overdyed Kreinik by Threadworx in a periwinkle.

Then I opened up the 3 new shades of Vineyard classic and one is Electric Orange. Yes! How perfect for the background to one of Lee's cat pieces. And then the dots, well no doubt these would be great using Sundance sequins. And then I couldn't just stop here so I pulled all the colors. One of the most fun things of all to do while my family fumes at home wondering why I'm not home yet.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Down By the Sea with Sandra Gilmore

Just saw this new mermaid tuffet do to debut at the Phoenix show later this month. Mermaid lovers rejoice. Canvas cost $475.00, tuffet price $390.00. Approximate overall size of tuffet is 17" diameter x 17" height. Canvas is stitch painted on 18 count.

We are offering the Mermaid Tuffet for order through our web store. Click the images below for a larger look.