Friday, December 16, 2011

Special Occasion Glass Laying Tools

Special occasion can mean perfect for gift giving, a holiday treat for oneself, or as most stitchers agree anytime we sit and stitch we can say, yes today I'm feeling special and want to use all my special tools. These glass laying tools as beautiful as they are also do feel like they want to be picked up and used. Some glass laying tools I've seen look more like a decorative piece, and yes these are most definitely decorative, but they beg to be used. Each tool is entirely hand formed without the use of molds or machinery (sounds like stitching). Each is made of borosilicate glass (same as pyrex) which is stronger and more fracture resistant than typical glass. They are for life. No questions asked, should yours break they may be returned to the artist and repaired. Each comes with a hard case for storage / travel. They are like eye candy. I know for many they seem like an extreme luxury however when you use something so beautiful you address your stitching with special care which often leads to greater pleasure while we stitch.

Each tool is $75.00 (repairs including return shipping is $12.00 just incase you were wondering). Click on any of the pictures to link to the tool in the web store.

Caramel Cobalt

Amazon Night

Turquoise Cobalt

Opal Ruby

Blue Moon Ribbon

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