Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Holiday Skirt fit for a Queen

There are tree skirts and then there is this tree skirt by Leigh Designs. Its not a custom but I've never seen it anywhere else. It features six beautiful and picturesque winter scenes, each roughly 14" wide. Its very lovely and storybook like to me; very much like many other Leigh pieces. I've wondered what it would look like with a 6 or 8 way small scale, all white, bargello/florentine stitch for the background. Or maybe a larger stitch near the perimeter going smaller as you work to the center. Touches of sparkle would be a must! Its hand painted on 13 count canvas, design area is 36" round, overall canvas is 40" x 40". Available in our web store.

The skirt we had in stock sold promptly, but we can order it for you from Leigh. In addition to the 36" round on 13 or 18 count, it is available 48" diameter in 13 or 18 count. For lead time allow 8 weeks as it will be produced per order. The 36" is offered at 10% off list at $720. The 54" lists for $900 and we will offer it also at 10% off for $810.

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