Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Chanukah!

With all the christmas canvases available lets not forget other faiths. Here are just a few for Chanukah:

By Silver Needle "Jerusalem" 4" round $40.00 18 count

By Sandra Gilmore (Once in a Blue Moon) "Game" 5" round $62.00 18 count Thread kit available too.

By Melissa Shirley "Menorrah" 6" x 6" $64.00 on 18 count Nice idea for a box top to hold the candles.

By The Collection "Dreidel" 9 1/2" x 10" (overall canvas size) on 7 count $26.00 This comes as a kit with instructions and all materials needed. A nice opportunity to share your love of stitching with a youngster.

And last by Susan Roberts, "3d Dreidel" which finishes into an actual dreidel shaped ornament.

Threads can be provided for any of the featured canvases upon request. For those who enjoy doing Judaic pieces, but not limited to tallit bags, you may want to look at other pieces by Sandra Gilmore. She has an extensive collection, all so beautiful, and meticulously painted. See one? Please contact the shop for a price. click on designs by Sandra Gilmore.

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