Saturday, December 31, 2011

Unsung Hero

Another favorite canvas designer & artist of mine is Lillian Chermor.  She doesn't do shows or much advertising that I know of, so unless your LNS has her items you may not know of her.  She paints in oils with very intense color that screams "stitch me in silk please".  Some of more hard to find pieces include tea cozy's and coffee pot covers, oven mitts (hopefully for decoration only), teacups and one of my favorites matryoshka dolls (no they don't nest).  All but the delft cats I've had are painted on brown canvas.  I like brown canvas but know most prefer white.  A medium value background is best for showing color and I think you can do a light or dark for the background and not be too concerned about coverage.

All of these canvases are available in our web store - just click through the image to land at the store.


This adorable sample of a Yorkshire Terrier is a great canvas by Barbara Russell. I love the way the background is treated as a graphic, rather than a setting like a photograph. A sweet canvas for the Yorkie lover in your life.

Available in our web store - thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sharon G Canvas Enhancement Class

We are very happy to announce that Sharon G will be returning for a Canvas Enhancement Class on Saturday, February 4th, 10am-4pm. The class will be $75.00 for the day. As always the class size limited by our available space so call to reserve your spot! There will be a snow date just in case we get hit by by bad weather, so sign up without fear!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Holiday Skirt fit for a Queen

There are tree skirts and then there is this tree skirt by Leigh Designs. Its not a custom but I've never seen it anywhere else. It features six beautiful and picturesque winter scenes, each roughly 14" wide. Its very lovely and storybook like to me; very much like many other Leigh pieces. I've wondered what it would look like with a 6 or 8 way small scale, all white, bargello/florentine stitch for the background. Or maybe a larger stitch near the perimeter going smaller as you work to the center. Touches of sparkle would be a must! Its hand painted on 13 count canvas, design area is 36" round, overall canvas is 40" x 40". Available in our web store.

The skirt we had in stock sold promptly, but we can order it for you from Leigh. In addition to the 36" round on 13 or 18 count, it is available 48" diameter in 13 or 18 count. For lead time allow 8 weeks as it will be produced per order. The 36" is offered at 10% off list at $720. The 54" lists for $900 and we will offer it also at 10% off for $810.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Special Occasion Glass Laying Tools

Special occasion can mean perfect for gift giving, a holiday treat for oneself, or as most stitchers agree anytime we sit and stitch we can say, yes today I'm feeling special and want to use all my special tools. These glass laying tools as beautiful as they are also do feel like they want to be picked up and used. Some glass laying tools I've seen look more like a decorative piece, and yes these are most definitely decorative, but they beg to be used. Each tool is entirely hand formed without the use of molds or machinery (sounds like stitching). Each is made of borosilicate glass (same as pyrex) which is stronger and more fracture resistant than typical glass. They are for life. No questions asked, should yours break they may be returned to the artist and repaired. Each comes with a hard case for storage / travel. They are like eye candy. I know for many they seem like an extreme luxury however when you use something so beautiful you address your stitching with special care which often leads to greater pleasure while we stitch.

Each tool is $75.00 (repairs including return shipping is $12.00 just incase you were wondering). Click on any of the pictures to link to the tool in the web store.

Caramel Cobalt

Amazon Night

Turquoise Cobalt

Opal Ruby

Blue Moon Ribbon

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Chanukah!

With all the christmas canvases available lets not forget other faiths. Here are just a few for Chanukah:

By Silver Needle "Jerusalem" 4" round $40.00 18 count

By Sandra Gilmore (Once in a Blue Moon) "Game" 5" round $62.00 18 count Thread kit available too.

By Melissa Shirley "Menorrah" 6" x 6" $64.00 on 18 count Nice idea for a box top to hold the candles.

By The Collection "Dreidel" 9 1/2" x 10" (overall canvas size) on 7 count $26.00 This comes as a kit with instructions and all materials needed. A nice opportunity to share your love of stitching with a youngster.

And last by Susan Roberts, "3d Dreidel" which finishes into an actual dreidel shaped ornament.

Threads can be provided for any of the featured canvases upon request. For those who enjoy doing Judaic pieces, but not limited to tallit bags, you may want to look at other pieces by Sandra Gilmore. She has an extensive collection, all so beautiful, and meticulously painted. See one? Please contact the shop for a price. click on designs by Sandra Gilmore.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Dogs

A few good dogs by Amanda Lawford. King Charles spaniel, artist Constance Coleman, looks like a perfect portrait. Whimsey and happy dogs are by artist Mariko King (hugs & kisses) and other by Martha Murphy. All designs to be retired in 2012. For sizes and price click on image to link to shop. All are offered at 20% off retail.