Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Butterfly/Moth Collection

A nice collection with borders which can easily lend themselves to stitches. I like to think of these as butterfly's, though 2 of the 3 are referred to as moths by Amanda. An interesting palette of neutrals with black accents. Thread kit for the brick or pillow includes silk (Splendor) for the center panel with wool (Annabelle's Playhouse) and wool/silk (Felicity's Garden and Silk 'n Ivory) for surrounding areas.

B-39 Butterfly / Moth brick cover Retail 112.00 Trunk Show price $89.60 on 13 count. Thread kit for brick cover Retails $49.10 Trunk show price $39.00.

21012 Moth pillow 9" x 13" on 13 count Retail $114.00 Trunk show price $91.20 Thread kit for pillow Retails $59.10 Trunk show price $47.00.

JB-02 Butterfly / Moth box insert Retail 44.00 Trunk Show price $35.20 on 18 count

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