Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sharon G November 5th Canvas Enhancement Class

There's still room to join Sharon and others for a day of learning while working on your canvas of choice. The day begins at 9:30 and wraps up at 4ish with a break for lunch. You may bring a canvas from your stash, purchase one at the shop or have Sharon bring one of her own for you. Class fee is $75.00 and is limited to not more than 6 students. Reserve your place now and begin a masterpiece of your own. Call for details. For those who don't already know, Sharon is a genius with a needle and thread.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Healing Sutras" Erin Endicott October 29th

Hoping that I too can partake in the workshop with Erin. Looking around the house for possible "subjects" I came across old items of mine that for the most part have some sentimental value to me. I should hope so otherwise one of sound mind would have to question why I still have these dirty rags hanging around.

a) Silk knit camisole with beautiful lace. Bought in the mid-80's for alot of money, more than I would pay for a blouse today.

b) Matryoshka doll linen dish towel. Brought back from Russia as a gift. What can I say? I love linen, I love dolls, I love Matryoshka dolls, and I like the proportion of the towel. But it doesn't look nice enough to be used any more for its intended purpose. This past week I sold a Matryoshka doll canvas by Lillian Chermor to a lovely customer who has a fondness for russian architecture and items. One day I hope to do a blog post about Lillian Chermor, I just have an affinity for her designs, style and use of color.

c) small doily. No personal meaning, but something small and sweet. It never took up enough room in a drawer to warrant tossing.

d) a rather old cotton blouse that I bought from Peruvian Connection, dare I say, almost 25 years ago? I wore it to so many places back when I had money and time for travel. Had an interesting exchange in Berlin, Germany, with a woman from Peru in a public bathroom of all places. We couldn't talk to each other but she recognized something familiar about this blouse, I think it had something to do with the weave. The whole thing was so out of context for both of us that the memory has stayed with me.

Hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration about what you can bring to work on with Erin. For more details see our description. To register please call or email.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Contemporary Embroidery Class

Onward now to October and a very special and unique workshop with another artist, Erin Endicott. Both Sharon and Erin bring beauty with a threaded needle yet the process is quite different. I first learned about Erin at an exhibit at Perkins Center for the Arts in 2010. Its contemporary, its organic and its beautiful. One of the things that strikes me about Erin's work is her technique. One can find many examples of contemporary embroidery on the internet, many are about shock value or the indie aesthetic. But what I see to often reminds me of "ok" writing lacking any polish or command of the english language as if it doesn't really matter any more. Look at Erin's work and her "language" per se or technique is impeccable. A refreshing emphasis on work that is beautifully executed, with evidence of thought and care put into the process.

“Healing Sutras: Embroidery as a Meditative Practice”

This workshop by contemporary embroidery artist Erin Endicott will lead you on an exploration into using hand embroidery as a way to relax, unwind and release negative emotion. You will experience the cathartic effects of hand dyeing and hand sewing on the fabrics of your choice. We will work intuitively with pattern, line and mark making to create beautiful and powerful works of art.

Skill level: Open to all skill levels – from those who have never sewn a stitch to the most accomplished.

Materials: Bring your own "fabric something" that holds personal meaning. This could be, but not limited to: Old clothing (wedding dresses or swatches from them), baby clothes,; lace or doilies; old hankies, favorite old t-shirt; old pillowcase, napkin or placemat; silk or cotton scarf. Feel free to bring a piece or fragment for your "fabric something". Because we encourage the use of something with meaning this comes with the understanding that it may not be in like "new condition" so don't worry about marks, holes, tears etc.

Supplementary Materials: Bring your stitching necessities: needles, sharp scissors, a hoop and magnification if your used to it. If your a newbie not to worry all of these materials are available for sale at the workshop and need not be bought in advance. You may also bring various threads, beads or embellishments. Of course these will all be available at the workshop too.

Teaching Fee: $35.00 Registration deadline October 22, 2011. Class size limited to 10 students.

SharonG class recap

Last Saturday we were blessed with Sharon G and her all her talents. Knowledge of threads, use of threads, beads, metallics and most of all stitches. We won't even go into her artistic talent. One of the many special things about Sharon is the vast majority of her line is her own artwork. What an accomplishment! But it only gets better with how she brings a canvas to life. Great fun was had by all and we look forward to scheduling a date in early November with her. If interested please contact me to be put on the list! You may bring a canvas, buy a canvas, or buy a canvas from SharonG. Cost for the class is $75. 9:30 to 4:30 with a break for lunch. I can't guarantee Missy's home baked cinnamon buns. They were fresh and delicious. Linda was smart for coming with room to fully enjoy.

Because I think so highly of Sharon's stitching I invited several customers to stop in while she's here so they can see her work. Judging from pictures isn't nearly enough. This being said, what did my drop-ins go crazy over. No not her gorgeous landscapes or lovely still lifes. They went head over heals for her horses hiney's. Seeing is believing.