Friday, August 26, 2011

Travel project dilema?

Does anyone else stress over what project makes the most sense to travel with? Going on an overnight trip with my daughter with time to stitch on the bus and for an overnight. What if I have 30 minutes or an little time here and there? I could be getting some stitching done! Lots of projects I'd like to take but they're just a tad too big. I could think of several little projects to start but they're at the shop and not here at home; departure is in 7 hours. I open drawers and cabinets look here and there in this pile and on this shelf. Oh my, I astonished at how many projects have been started and then there are the ones I completely forgot about. And the ones where I'd probably rather day dream than pretend to have interest in working on. So I've settled on the small cuff by Orna Willis, started in 2007. Almost seems feasible to finish on this trip. My fear like with so many other projects is I see things I don't like and want to change. Like the use of the petite red beads. No problem I can take those out and replace with something nicer. I see the pattern coming another project that gets 95% done and then it goes into purgatory. So many, so close to being finished. But isn't really about the process after all?

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