Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rebecca Wood 397B Dolls for Christmas

A rare opportunity to buy a stitched Rebecca Wood stocking. Stitched all except for the name. Where did this come from? A customer purchased the canvas and threads from another shop that included a stitch guide. I sent it out to be stitched and its too fancy now for my customers taste. Luckily the name was not stitched so I have painted it out in hopes that someone else can hang it on their mantle. Quite a variety of threads. Yes there are areas I wouldn't keep myself but you can frog any areas that aren't to your liking and still have a personalized up to date heirloom stocking for Christmas 2011. Without referencing a price list I'd say the canvas value is somewhere between 325. to 375. Name can be painted on prior to shipping for an additional 30.00 If interested I will be putting it up for auction on ebay. Please contact me for additional photos of front or back.  Full value including canvas, threads and stitching valued around $650. or more.

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