Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show - Christmas Stockings

Just a reminder the Trunk show continues through July 25th. and includes the whole line. We've seen a peek at the Halloween, florals, funky animals and now a glance at the stocking collection. I think at a glance we often assume all of Birds of a Feather is contemporary, or graphic and has limiting appeal. But if you look, particularly at the stockings, you can see there is a diversity of style. While many can be romanced by stockings with lots of lovely detailing these can quickly become one of the most challenging of projects. But with Birds of a Feather while some like the vintage style ones have more detail all of her canvases are stitch painted. While you can change the colors there is no guess work. They can only get better looking once stitched. If you like to do basketweave these are the stockings for you. Stockings with lots of shading require lots of guess work if your going to do a tent stitch and in my opinion do not look as appealing once stitched in this way because you loose the subtlety and the result can be very blotchy. A canvas that is stitch painted and done in all tent stitching is typically only enhanced with the use of vibrant threads.

See all the stockings here:

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