Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Heat Sale continues - 25% off selected canvases

Here is the beautiful Nautilus Shell by Melissa Shirley marked down to $93.00. Design Area 9 3/4" x 9 3/4". Overall canvas 16" x 16". Painted on 13 count canvas.

Keeping on with the shells, Melissa Shirley trio of shells for $66.00. Design Area 7 1/2" x 7 1/4" overall canvas 13" x 13". Painted on 13 count canvas. Fits nicely into a black Sudberry Tray.Tray cost, $42.00

And  Anne Cram's Conch Shell for $39.00. Design Area 9" x 9" overall canvas 13" x 13". Painted on 13 count canvas. Thread kit available separately including one Felicity's Garden, one Caron watercolours, two white silk n' ivory, two pink toned silk 'n ivory, six amethyst silk 'n ivory, three silk lame braid and one Brown Paper Packages Stardust.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Haven't you had enough Heat Yet Sale continues 25% off selected canvases

Patty Paints "Mermaid" $36.00. Includes 2 seashell buttons for those uncomfortable going topless. Design Area 3 1/2" x 8 1/2". Overall canvas 12 3/4" x 8" on 18 count canvas.

Zecca fish. $48.00. Design Area 7 1/2" x 7 1/4". Painted on 13 count canvas.

Edie & GInger "Beach Frog". $103.00 Design Area 15" x 15". Painted on 18 count canvas.

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The Heat just won't let up - Sale continues 25% off selected canvases

Cooper Oaks "Long TIme No Sea" $79.00 Design Area 4 3/4" x 15". Overall canvas 11" x 20" Painted on 18 count canvas. Artist Susan Wallace Barnes

Melissa Shirley "Crab Cakes" $63.00 Design Area 7" x 8". Overall canvas 13" x 14" Painted on 18 count canvas. Include Stitch Guide by Wendy Harwood. Needlepoint Artist Mary Lake Thompson.

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Heat Wave Sale continues 25% off selected canvases

Silver Needle "Lemons"  $63.00  Design area is 12" x 12"  on 13 count canvas. SIlk n' Ivory thread kit $105.00 includes 25 skeins of wool and silk blend; Red, White 3 shades of Greens and four shades of Yellows.

Cooper Oaks "Cottage Brick Cover" $79.00 Painted on 18 count canvas, great for door stops or book ends. Artist Susan Wallace Barnes.

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Heat Wave Sale 25% off selected canvases

Time to let some warm weather themed canvases go on sale. Ruth Schmuff "Hummingbird" $89.00 Design area is 9" x 8.25; overall canvas is 13" x13" on 13 count canvas.

Maggie & Co. "Tall Watermelon" $99.00 Design area is 12" x 14 on 13 count canvas. Artist Cheryl-Yvette Tutwiler.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Traditional but non-traditional Baby Sampler

I like the idea of the rabbit toile for a baby sampler. It can work in many decor's (heaven forbid it not fit the theme) its sophisticated but "useful" too. Many baby samplers are not well designed and are obviously about letters and numbers without being attractive . I like this one as it is a well designed piece artistically and yet its "educational" too. A fun way to personalize would be to stitch the letters or initials of the child's name in a different color. Canvas and threads including 6 skeins of silk n' ivory and one Fancy Fur (have to have the few white bunnies be fuzzy) all for just $105.00. After July 26th, price goes back to full retail at $131.50 Design area is 7.5 x 11", good as a small pillow or a wall hanging.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Orphan #2 Victorian Bride

Another completed piece from my customer who didn't fall in love with it upon completion. From Lavender and Lace #40 "White Lace". Stitched on 32 count linen with the face done 1 over 1. Linen may be what is suggested by designer, it is a very pale muted blue grey. It feels like a Wichelt linen vs. Zweigart Belfast. If you don't love the full gown it would still be lovely framed from the bouquet up. Overall stitched area is 19 3/8" x 8". If interested it will be auctioned on ebay. Please contact me for any additional pictures of front or back.

Rebecca Wood 397B Dolls for Christmas

A rare opportunity to buy a stitched Rebecca Wood stocking. Stitched all except for the name. Where did this come from? A customer purchased the canvas and threads from another shop that included a stitch guide. I sent it out to be stitched and its too fancy now for my customers taste. Luckily the name was not stitched so I have painted it out in hopes that someone else can hang it on their mantle. Quite a variety of threads. Yes there are areas I wouldn't keep myself but you can frog any areas that aren't to your liking and still have a personalized up to date heirloom stocking for Christmas 2011. Without referencing a price list I'd say the canvas value is somewhere between 325. to 375. Name can be painted on prior to shipping for an additional 30.00 If interested I will be putting it up for auction on ebay. Please contact me for additional photos of front or back.  Full value including canvas, threads and stitching valued around $650. or more.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show - last week!

Last Week for Birds of a Feather Trunk Show! 20% off all canvases and threads too for any trunk show canvas purchase. Piece below BF709 Forever Friends 3 1/2" x 5". Trunk show price $38.40. One below was recently sent to be made into cute little stand up.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show - Christmas Stockings

Just a reminder the Trunk show continues through July 25th. and includes the whole line. We've seen a peek at the Halloween, florals, funky animals and now a glance at the stocking collection. I think at a glance we often assume all of Birds of a Feather is contemporary, or graphic and has limiting appeal. But if you look, particularly at the stockings, you can see there is a diversity of style. While many can be romanced by stockings with lots of lovely detailing these can quickly become one of the most challenging of projects. But with Birds of a Feather while some like the vintage style ones have more detail all of her canvases are stitch painted. While you can change the colors there is no guess work. They can only get better looking once stitched. If you like to do basketweave these are the stockings for you. Stockings with lots of shading require lots of guess work if your going to do a tent stitch and in my opinion do not look as appealing once stitched in this way because you loose the subtlety and the result can be very blotchy. A canvas that is stitch painted and done in all tent stitching is typically only enhanced with the use of vibrant threads.

See all the stockings here:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Station Break for Ewe & Eye

A little break from the Birds of a Feather Trunk Show as new Ewe and Eye releases from the June market at TNNA Columbus have arrived. For what it's worth they are all from the artitst Karen Cruden; two sold right away as this folk style is popular with my customers. All of these are also available in the web store if you click on the images.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show - Riot of Color

As I continue to sort through the canvases of this trunk show, this phrase Riot of Color keeps returning to me. Its seems like this is needlepoint as it could only exist today with the range of colors and textures we have available in today's threads. Wow, its pretty exciting to be alive and stitching today! Click through to see it in the web store, and call or email to get a thread package in these wonderful colors put together by Karen, or if you're lucky, by her daughter Lydia.

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show - peasant prints

Birds of a Feather have many pretty peasant floral prints. Many come in a dark and light version, so if you like the pattern there are often options.

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show - day & night sailing, ying & yang

A different vibe on the seashore and sailboat theme. If serene scenes of gliding sailboats are too passe for you, perhaps you'll enjoy these with their riot of color! Click to see in the web store.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show - the yard birds!

Another great canvas series from Birds of a Feather are these familiar back yard bird friends. No dry and serious bird watchers diagram here. The birds are captured at their wild and playful best in a great illustration style. Click through to land on them in the web store.