Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Attention Licorice Lovers

Licorice Allsorts to stitch! These are kits I can order for you. The round piece is "Licorice Gobelin Kit". It measures 4.5 " x 4.5", it appears round does it not? $24. includes needlepoint canvas, danish "Flora" 100% wool and chart. Second piece measures 5" x 14" (pillow not included). This kit is $49. Both are done on canvas in a fine weight wool and are cross stitched, not tent or continental. Designed by Pelse AsboIf, kits come from Denmark. I wish they came with a supply of Allsorts for the life of the piece.

Liquorice allsorts (also spelled licorice allsorts) consist of a variety of liquorice sold as a mixture. These confections are made of liquorice, sugar, coconut, aniseed jelly, fruit flavourings, and gelatine. They were first produced in Sheffield, England, by Geo. Bassett & Co Ltd who had taken over Wilkinsons (Pontefract cakes/mushrooms), Barratts (sherbet fountains/sweet cigarettes) and Trebor (mints) before being taken over themselves by the Cadbury's consortium). Allsorts are produced by many companies around the world today, and are most popular in Britain, continental Europe, and North America.

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