Monday, April 11, 2011

Needlepoint scissor case

Needlepoint scissor cases may not be as popular as they once were so I'm offering this lovely case from Amanda Lawford at a 25% discount. Cases are fast to stitch up and nice because you can always stop and admire your work while your stitching and its useful, not another pillow. Gives you a chance to show off your work to stitching friends too. The finisher I use does such a beautiful job that will make you proud to bring out your case at every stitch-in. Hard protection is used between needlepoint and lining so you can't poke the scissors through the canvas. Custom cording and added bling if you like. Chrysanthemum case by Amanda Lawford was 62.00 now just $46.50. Also available is the North Garden case by Julie Mar for $46.00. This one calls for a little ribbon embroidery.

When finished, they look like this example:

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